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Demi Lovato Sings To Ghosts To Help Them Overcome Trauma Caused By Sexism

Jess Hardiman

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Demi Lovato Sings To Ghosts To Help Them Overcome Trauma Caused By Sexism

Footage shows Demi Lovato singing to a ‘ghost’ after it supposedly revealed it had experienced trauma caused by sexism - a performance that earnt them a ‘standing ovation’.  


Lovato has been exploring their interest in supernatural life in recent docuseries Unidentified With Demi Lovato.  

In one clip, we see Lovato join their friend Matthew Scott and paranormal investigator Chris Smith to visit Vulture City, an old ghost town in Arizona, United States

According to Peacock TV, the trio came across ‘a spirit who has past trauma with men’ while in an abandoned brothel, having set up an EMF detector - a special device that lets out a noise whenever communication is made. 

Lovato asked the spirit, known as Carmen: “Have you seen anything like ETs here, or UFOs? Star people?” 

Credit: Peacock TV
Credit: Peacock TV

Initially, the machine lets off a noise, but when Lovato asks Carmen if they are a Star person - individuals believed to have originated from another world, dimension or planet - it falls completely silent.  

As the two men leave the room, Lovato then says: “Did you not want to say anything else because the boys were in here?" 

The device then makes a noise, at which point Lovato continues: “I think - Oh, I get that a lot. 

“She has trauma. That's why she doesn't like men." 

Lovato then tells Carmen: “I have trauma, too, so I feel you and I get it." 

Credit: Peacock TV
Credit: Peacock TV

Speaking from outside the room, the two men suggest Lovato sings to Carmen. 

“Well I always sing ‘Skyscraper’ when I feel like singing something emotional,” the singer explains, before launching into a spontaneous rendition of the hit. 

As they finish the excerpt from the song, the machine makes a noise – which the three take as a sign of a ‘standing ovation’. 

"That's the coolest standing ovation I've ever had,” Lovato says. 

Credit: Peacock TV
Credit: Peacock TV

The docuseries was released a couple of months ago, but the clip has resurfaced on Reddit - where it soon went viral, racking up 10,800 upvotes.

In a later interview with Face to Face with Becky G, Lovato spoke about their experience at Vulture City, saying: “We were originally setting out to search for UFOs and ETs [extraterrestrials] and then we came across this city called Vulture City. 

“Vulture City is known for these ghosts that lived in an old brothel, and so we set-up those machines [EMF detectors] and I decided to sing for them and they went off when I finished.”  

Lovato believes the response on the EMF detector was a sign of approval from the spiritual world. 

“I’ve never had a standing ovation from ghosts, but I’d like to think they were standing,” they added. 

Featured Image Credit: Peacock TV

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Jess Hardiman
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