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‘Avengers’ Searches On Pornhub Have Skyrocketed By 356 Percent

‘Avengers’ Searches On Pornhub Have Skyrocketed By 356 Percent

The superhero blockbuster has sent a rather large shockwave through the porn world

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Whenever a blockbuster movie comes out, it can invariably lead to people wanting to see some of the characters in a different way.

That couldn't be truer for the cast of Avengers: Infinity War, as new statistics reveal some fans are very eager to see the superhero clan doing more than just saving the day.

According to Pornhub, searches for Avengers related saucy videos have gone up by 356 percent since the third instalment to the franchise was released.

A statement on the website's analytics page says: "Historically, DC characters like Harley Quin, Wonder Woman and Batman are searched more often on Pornhub than Marvel characters, but Avengers and its characters were searched over 6 million times in 2017."

If you've ever searched for superhero related porn, then you'll know there's no shortage of it - especially when a big-name movie is in the works.


It's almost as if the moment a film studio greenlights a blockbuster, a porn studio is doing the exact same thing with a parody video.

Considering Avengers: Infinity War was comprised of possibly the largest number of big-name superheroes in a movie to date, there would be plenty of material to work with for an adult version of the franchise.

Pornhub says Black Widow is by far the most popular search, which isn't surprising in the slightest considering she's the only female member of the original Avengers crew and she's played by Scarlett Johansson.

The next most popular character is Spider-Man, who appears to be a hit with both the blokes and the ladies. Following behind are Captain America, the Hulk, Black Panther and Scarlet Witch.


Thanos is surprisingly far down that list. If he can has the power to demolish half the universe then that surely has interesting implications for his sexual prowess - clearly no one else thinks the same.

Pornhub's statement adds: "Our statisticians found that women are 28 percent more likely to search for Avengers when compared to men, and millennials under the age of 35 are far more likely to search when compared to older age groups."

The adult video website has been getting a similarly large spike in searches for Fortnite related material. It's split between videos of people absolutely pwning their opposition in the actual video game, and others engaged in some type of explicit activity while playing Fortnite.

Pornhub also found there was a 824 percent increase in their traffic after Canadian musician Drake played with Twitch gamer Ninja. Some things clearly just go well together.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel/Disney

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