Unlucky Delivery Driver Almost Loses Trousers After Falling Over Customer's Gate

Unlucky Delivery Driver Almost Loses Trousers After Falling Over Customer's Gate

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Dark Theory Suggests 'The Grinch' Didn't Just Try To Steal Christmas, He Tried To Commit Genocide

Dark Theory Suggests 'The Grinch' Didn't Just Try To Steal Christmas, He Tried To Commit Genocide

Well, it's getting to be that time of the year again, shopping centres are mayhem, the air is cold, and people who haven't been into a pub since this time last year are starting to clog up bars.

It can only mean one thing - Christmas is almost here!

One of the things that everyone loves at this special time of year is a great Christmas Story - Miracle on 34th Street, The Muppet Christmas Carol, or - a personal favourite - How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

The story tells of a strange evil creature that despises Christmas, so steals all of the presents from the residents of Whoville, a tiny town obsessed with Christmas.


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Though, if a recent article by is anything to go by, the story might not be what it seems, and there may be another, altogether more sinister side to the tale.

The theory states that the people of Whoville have featured in a few of Dr. Seuss' stories, including the bizarre tale Horton Hears a Who. In this story, it is revealed that Whoville exists on a speck of dust that sits on a clover.

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Horton hears the Whos, but no-one else can. This sets in motion a baffling set of events whereby several of Horton's animal chums threaten to destroy Whoville (which they don't believe exists) in a variety of ways that includes boiling them in oil (yes, this is a children's story).

In order to prove to his sadistic friends that Whoville exists and therefore should not be boiled alive, he asks them to create as much noise as possible. Which takes us on to The Grinch.

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When we arrive in Whoville in The Grinch, the theory claims that the loud drums, trumpets and instruments are not just part of the festive cheer, but to keep noise levels up and, presumably, keep themselves out of the cooking pot. The Grinch, however, steals their instruments and is then confused when he finds them singing.

The songs are generally interpreted as a show of their unbreakable holiday spirit and chirpiness. However, as the Cracked article argues, there could be an altogether more sinister reason: without their instruments, the Whos are singing for their lives in fear of being destroyed.

So, when you next see the Grinch, spare a thought for the people of Whoville - constantly singing and shouting against their own destruction. And when you think of the Grinch trying to break their spirit, remember he isn't just a grump, he's a genocidal maniac in waiting.

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