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'Deadpool' Takes Over A Bunch Of Classic Movie Covers

'Deadpool' Takes Over A Bunch Of Classic Movie Covers

Deadpool is everywhere at the minute, as fans impatiently wait for the second instalment, which hit screens around the world this week.

Not content with having his own movie out, the anti-hero has also been spotted appearing on the covers of some classic movies including Fight Club and Edward Scissorhands.


In a promotional tie-in with Walmart the merc with a mouth can be seen invading the iconic covers of a bunch of BluRays. Fans who spotted the promo took to Twitter to share the news:


Some fans even went ahead and bought the entire set of 16 movies with the new slip-covers, which is some dedication to fandom.

The slip covers have got people wondering what the originals would be like if they starred Deadpool, and I think I speak with some certainty when I say, 100 percent better - imagine The Terminator with Deadpool. Beautiful.

Deadpool 2 is out now in cinemas in the UK and US and is already getting itself some rave reviews.

With Uproxx writer Mike Ryan wrote: "Didn't like the first Deadpool. DEADPOOL 2 beat me into submission until I was actually enjoying myself. Also, it features my now favourite post-credit scene."

And Collider's Steven Weintraub saying: "Happy to report Deadpool 2 is a lot of fun and had me laughing beginning to end. Stuff after the credits is *awesome*. All the people added to the film were perfectly cast. Avoid spoilers. Always makes it a better experience."

It's set to have a stormer of a weekend at the box office, with the Hollywood Reporter claiming the sequel has a shot at a $130 million-$150 million (£96m-£11.9m) opening weekend.

The first movie brought in a massive $132.4 million (£97m), making it the most successful launch of any R-rated movie - the sequel is also an R, so it's looks to be a battle between the two for the title.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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