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Try Not To Get Too Excited, But 'Home Alone' Is On Tonight

Try Not To Get Too Excited, But 'Home Alone' Is On Tonight

Hey, so I know it's only October, but there are already a confusing and slightly annoying amount of people who are looking forward to Christmas.

Sure enough, it looks like the people who create the TV schedules are on their side, given that Home Alone is going to be on tonight.

Yes, one of everyone's favourite Christmas movies (even though it's not exactly a Christmas movie, just one set at Christmas time) is going to be shown at 8pm on E4.


A bold decision, sure, but it's not like they're showing Elf or Die Hard - you know, proper Christmas movies - in October.

On the one hand, it's a heart-warming tale of a young rascal who uses his wits to protect his family home from a group of devious but utterly useless criminals after his family leaves for a holiday without him.

On the other hand, it's a chilling tale of parental neglect that - but for a few significant slices of luck - could have turned into an horrific family tragedy, and at Christmas time, too.


It surely can't be just me who sees that angle?

Fair enough.

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Starring Macaulay Culkin - who is back in the public eye by the way - it tells the story of Kevin McAllister, a young boy who gets into an argument with members of his family, but then awakes to find that they've actually left him behind and buggered off to Paris without him.


Whilst that initially feels like a bonus for him, and he spends some time revelling in his new found freedom, it soon turns sour when the nefarious criminals - played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern - invade his home.

After making several attempts to rob the McAllister family home and being thwarted by a stupid kid, the robbers are defeated and the whole McAllister family - having somehow got half way around the world without remembering that they've left one of their kids at home - rush back to ensure that everyone is together for Christmas.

It's schmaltzy, saccharine, and fun at the same time. Basically, everything that makes a Christmas film great.


Which makes the decision to show it in October that little bit more baffling.

That said, I can already hear the sound of lofts opening as tinsel, annoying talking trees, and Santa onesies make their first appearance of the festive season.

Too bad that it hasn't actually started yet.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals. Yes, I am aware that was from Home Alone 2.

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