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Teen Sleeps For Four Hours To Show The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

Teen Sleeps For Four Hours To Show The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is good for you.

Laura Hamilton

Laura Hamilton

I love sleeping more than anything - it's twinned in my affections with chocolate. And I have always maintained the more sleep the better. And then if you can complement your sleep with a couple of naps. Heaven, pure heaven. You just have to punctuate it with life and work and eating etc.

But because we're all super busy in the twenty-first century we never get enough sleep. The NHS says that we need about seven to nine hours of sleep a day, but when you're working long hours and socialising, sometimes it doesn't always happen.

However, sleep deprivation is so bad for you.

Eighteen-year old Chloe de Garis found out the hard way that there's a reason that it's called beauty sleep.

Not only did her appearance suffer, but she had mood swings that made her difficult to be around.

The Sun asked Chloe to survive on four hours of sleep for three nights and compared her to her younger sister Lucy who gets nine hours of sleep.

Chloe on four hours of sleep. Source: News Group Newspapers LTD

The Kent native did not look happy at the end of the experiment and will presumably be indulging in a few lie-ins in the foreseeable future.

By the end of the three days, she wrote: "I woke up feeling terrible. I'm exhausted and, although I look a mess, I feel even worse. I can't stop eating. I feel as though I need food to keep me going. My whole body hurts, especially my arms. I look like death warmed up, as though I've been really ill."

With a busy schedule of college and work, she needed a lot more sleep.

Her mum and sister said she looked dreadful and was noticeably quieter than usual while her boyfriend said she was grumpy. Thanks.

Chloe also noticed that her skin visibly suffered. Not only did she have bags under her eyes and look pale, but she started breaking out and getting lots of spots.

Poor girl. Now, whenever I get a breakout I'm going to have a nap and hope that will cure my spots. That's how it works, right?

I think what we can take from that is that sleep is so good for you. It can prevent diabetes and boost your immunity, as well as help you lose weight. And if you go without it, you look rubbish, get lot's of spots and eat all the time.

Nap, anyone?

Featured Image Credit: News Group Newspapers LTD

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