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Gal Gadot Criticised For Her Comments About Israel And Palestine Violence

Gal Gadot Criticised For Her Comments About Israel And Palestine Violence

The Wonder Woman star has been called out and people did not hold back.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Gal Gadot has come under fire for speaking out about the ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine.

The Wonder Woman actor posted on social media about how her heart is breaking at the sight of rockets and missiles again being fired between the two regions.

She said: "My country is at war. I worry for my family, my friends. I worry for my people. This is a vicious cycle that has been going on for far too long. Israel deserves to live as a free and safe nation.

"Our neighbors deserve the same. I pray for the victims and their families, I pray for this unimaginable hostility to end, I pray for our leaders to find the solution so we could live side by side in peace. I pray for better days."

While the statement appears to be bipartisan, many people have called out the Israeli actor.

Gal Gadot's name started trending on Twitter and users did not hold back.

Writer and activist Aaron Vallely said: "Gal Gadot's statement is far worse than that tone-deaf imagine video from last year. 'Free and Safe'. The same state that is perpetrating military occupation, land theft and ethnic cleansing against the people of Palestine."

Singer James Kennedy added: "Gal Gadot is wrong. Israel is not at 'war' with Palestine. Israel is butchering Palestine. Again."

Journalist Ben Norton said: "Israeli soldier turned Hollywood's Wonder Woman multimillionaire Gal Gadot sends meaningless thoughts and prayers as the Israeli apartheid regime she supports ethnically cleanses Palestinians and bombs Gazans in an open-air prison camp."

According to pictures on Twitter, it also appears Captain Marvel star Brie Larson has unfollowed Gadot in the wake of the public statements.

Critics of Gadot pointed at Natalie Portman, who is also Israeli, for sharing Viola Davis' Instagram post, which is an explainer on the situation that is currently unfolding.

It all started when Israel restricted gatherings at the Al-Aqsa compound to just 10,000 people during Ramadan, which was a move that was even criticised by moderate Israelis.

Tensions were further heightened over the plan to evict six Palestinian families in an East Jerusalem neighbourhood.


Protests for both issues turned bloody and Israeli police and military ended up storming the Al-Aqsa Mosque, a sacred Muslim site, and fired rubber bullets at worshippers.

It then started a tit-for-tat exchange of military fire that has since seen missile strikes launched by Hamas into places like Tel Aviv and airstrikes fired into Gaza by Israel.

So far, 65 Palestinians have been killed, including 16 children and there has been widespread destruction within the Gaza Strip.

More than 360 people have been wounded, including 86 children and 39 women. Six Israelis, including one child, have died and around 100 have been injured.

According to Al-Jazeera, there has also been an escalation in attacks on Arab people living in Israel.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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