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'Island Boy' Rappers Get Booed On Stage During Club Performance

'Island Boy' Rappers Get Booed On Stage During Club Performance

They sang their viral song however the audience wasn't vibing it.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja have copped a frosty reception during a recent club performance.

The South Florida rappers, whose real names are Franky and Alex Venegas, were invited to perform at Miami's Club Liv.

They've gone viral on social media for their a cappella track 'Island Boys' and that's exactly what they sang at the venue.

However, judging from the footage posted on TikTok, it looks like club goers weren't grooving to the song.

There's very little crowd reaction while Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja are singing and towards the end of the clip you can hear people booing the rappers. Rough.

The video has racked up nearly six million views since it was posted and people are floored by what happened.

One user wrote: "Only in American can two no talent hacks make millions."

Another added: "What's more embarrassing is the people who bought tickets."

However, there were loads of people who supported the twin brother rappers for getting that cash and pursuing their dreams.

A person said in the comments: "The song isn't my taste but I can't lie, they are hella humble and so nice so I can't hate on them, they doing what they love that's what matter."

A different fan remarked: "People are booing them, but they are doing what they love doing. Let them boys live."

Whether you like it or hate it, 'Island Boy' has become a massive viral hit thanks, in part, to people absolutely ripping on it.

They first made it big on social media when a video of them freestyling 'Island Boy' in the pool started being shared amongst people in Florida.

The original video on TikTok ended up being viewed more than nine million times before it was eventually and mysteriously deleted, according to Distractify.

They were raised by a single mother after their father died and they quickly racked up charges related burglary, robbery, grand theft auto and drugs.

The pair admitted to getting into drugs in their teenage years and their tolerance for things like Percocet (which is Oxycodone, a opioid medication designed for pain relief) grew to a point where one of them had to be hospitalised three times.

They were eventually kicked out of home at the age of 18 because their mum was sick of getting a knock at the door from the police.

The twins didn't know what they wanted to be as they were growing up except for the fact they wanted to be famous and be paid for that status.

Looks like they're now finally bringing home the bacon.

Featured Image Credit: kodiyakredd/Instagram

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