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Rapper Pays $24 Million To Have Pink Diamond Embedded In His Head

Rapper Pays $24 Million To Have Pink Diamond Embedded In His Head

Lil Uzi Vert has been paying off the stone since 2017 and can't wait to have 'a lot of M's in my face'.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Lil Uzi Vert has decided to invest a hell of a lot of money on embedding a pink diamond into his head.

The rapper says all his luxury cars and his house haven't been able to offset the extraordinary $24 million price tag the gemstone carries.

The 'Free Uzi' artist told his Twitter followers: "I've been paying for a natural pink diamond from Elliot for years now.

"This one stone cost so much I've been paying for it since 2017. That was the first time I saw a real natural pink diamond...A lot of M's in my face."

Hey, while some people are struggling to make ends meet, this guy is trying to turn himself into a real-life Vision, but without the superpowers.

Unsurprisingly, the diamond is the most expensive thing he's ever bought and he will 'never do it again'. Funny that.

It's taken him more than three years to pay off all the debts associated with the stone but he's looking forward to having it surgically placed on his forehead for all to see.

When asked by a fan why the hell he wouldn't just immortalise the stone in a piece of jewellery, he quipped back with a totally rational reason.

"If I lose the ring yeah U will make fun of me more than putting it in my forehead ha ha jokes on you ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... And yes I do have insurance," he said.

Look, he's not wrong there and it certainly would allow everyone who walked past him to see the expensive piece of rock.

Lil Uzi got the near 11-carat diamond from Elliot Eliantte, who is known for selling precious stones to the rich and famous.

A quick glance at Elliot's Instagram page will show he sells unique necklaces, watches, shoe inserts and other things that are literally dripping in diamonds.

We can't wait to see the final product of Lil Uzi's diamond embed and how it will be surgically attached to his forehead.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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