Drinkers Will Be Limited To Two Hours In Some Pubs
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Dalek Filmed Rolling Down Street Telling Humans To Self-Isolate

Dalek Filmed Rolling Down Street Telling Humans To Self-Isolate

A clip showing a Dalek rolling down a street warning people to 'self-isolate' during the coronavirus outbreak has gone viral.

In the video the lone Dalek can be seen patrolling a UK street telling 'all humans' to stay inside 'by order of the Daleks'. And, as any Doctor Who fan will tell you, these extraterrestrials are not to be ignored.


As you can imagine, the absurdity of the clip has meant it's been a big hit with social media users and it's already racked up millions of views.

Among those to the share clip, was Tayside Police who wrote: "Our colleagues in Skaro Division have deployed their Direct Action Local Enforcement Kops to ensure everyone is following guidelines about isolation and social distancing. We recommend everyone uses their Totally Awesome Rightly Distanced Isolation Systems to comply."

However, the clip has managed to successfully creep out some Doctor Who fans who know know that the Daleks are not here to make friends...

One Twitter user wrote: "Am I the only one to feel a genuine shiver of fear watching this? As a child I would most certainly have been hiding behind the sofa. And if a Cyberman came marching down the road, that would be it, I'd be running for my life!"


A second wrote: "I would've said that's a sure-fire way of maintaining social distancing. Anyone over 40 who watched Doctor Who through their fingers will be giving you a wide berth."

While a third joked: "Wildlife is finally returning to Britain's streets. Nature is healing."

Meanwhile in other parts of the UK, more native creatures, such as sheep and goats, have been spotted taking over while humans are in lockdown.

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Shadowy Figure Filmed Moving Down Deserted Street

Shadowy Figure Filmed Moving Down Deserted Street

An adorable clip shared on Facebook shows some lambs messing around in a playground. Please enjoy:

The cute video was shared by Debbie Ellis, who wrote the caption: "On a lighter note the lambs are getting there once a day exercise in."

Last week, footage of goats causing havoc in Llandudno, Wales, was shared on Twitter.

The bizarre clips were shared by photographer Andrew Stuart, who spotted the gang of goats roaming the streets, jumping on walls, munching on hedges, and even making it onto people's roofs.

Posting his initial video of the goats running through the empty Llandudno streets, Andrew wrote: I think I just got a group of goats in Llandudno arrested. Let me explain... first, I saw this from inside a dark pub (the one I live in currently). I thought I was seeing things.

"So I decided to see what was going on. They stopped on Trinity Square, and decided the hedges there looked very tasty (tbf, they probably are if you're a goat.)

"They weren't moving from their midnight feast. And they were probably going to run riot on the town, what with nobody being about due to the lockdown. I also wasn't sure if they were keeping the required 2m apart."

Let's all bring some positivity, support and fun to anyone who might find themselves in isolation as a result of the coronavirus spread. Need some entertainment? Join Isolation Nation:

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