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Seinfeld Rank The Best 30 Episodes And It's Bloody Spot On

Seinfeld Rank The Best 30 Episodes And It's Bloody Spot On

Seinfeld ran for 10 years during the late 1980s to 1990s and delivered a whopping 180 episodes during that time.

While each episode is incredible in its own right, there are standouts that appeal to the masses.


The show's bosses have decided to rank the 30 best episodes and it's pretty spot on. It's surprising to see some of the show's best one-liners be so far up the back of the list like 'Serenity Now' and 'Yada Yada' but, hey, there are plenty more bangers in store.

It wouldn't be a list of top Seinfeld episodes if it didn't have the likes of 'The Bubble Boy', 'The Puffy Shirt', 'The Summer of George' and 'The Junior Mint'. Those episodes have featured in virtually every promo for the show since they aired.

But the top 10 really is a sight to be seen.


10. 'The Hamptons' - everyone likes to think that babies are cute and adorable but Elaine, never one to mince her words, reveals that one baby in particular is ugly. And who could forget George protesting that he was a victim of 'shrinkage'.

9. 'The Chinese Restaurant' - we've all had to wait a while at least once for a table at a restaurant, but watching the cast lament over their wait was bloody hilarious.

8. 'The Chicken Roaster' - poor Kramer can't sleep because of a chicken shop neon sign across the street and Elaine and George get into cahoots together over a fur hat. There is so much that goes on in this episode that, on paper, it truly is incredible.

7. 'The Strike' - Festivus, the Costanza annual holiday season, was laid bare in this classic episode which also includes Elaine going to the ends of the earth to get a free sandwich.

6. 'The Boyfriend' - good god is this a bloody solid episode. It includes George's fake Vandelay Industries, a fake company he created for a recruitment agency, and the brilliant Keith Hernandez spitting incident that was inspired by the JFK assassination.

5. 'The Merv Griffin Show' - Kramer creates his very own talk-show inside his apartment after coming past the old set for a TV show. George has to pay for surgery for a squirrel. Elaine's boss gets angry because someone keeps walking around with tic-tacs.

4. 'The Opposite' - George tries to do the opposite of everything that his gut tells him and naturally it creates classic Seinfeld hilarity. On the flip side, Elaine goes from one catastrophe to another and becomes the new George.

3. 'The Marine Biologist' - how could you forget George sitting there in the coffee shop pulling out a golf ball from a whale. Jerry told George's high school crush that George had become a marine biologist and George went along with it. He eventually had to follow through with the profession when a sea creature was in danger thanks to Kramer hitting golf balls into the ocean.

2. 'The Soup Nazi' - there's no secret as to why this is on the podium. Elaine can't work out why the owner of a soup business has banned her just because she didn't follow the rules. But when she buys a cabinet with all his recipes she shows him who's boss.

1. 'The Contest' - the famous quartet engage in a bet to see who can refrain from masturbating the longest and genuinely it's no surprise to see this take the gold medal. It has everything a Seinfeld episode should have.

If you're wondering what featured on the list from 11 to 30 then check out the official Twitter account.

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