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Viewers Think Sex Education's Mr Groff And Adam Groff Is Best Father-Son Casting Ever

Viewers Think Sex Education's Mr Groff And Adam Groff Is Best Father-Son Casting Ever

The third season has just dropped on Netflix and people have been blown away by their likeness

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Sex Education is back and lots of fans are asking the same question - are the actors who play Mr Groff and Adam Groff actually related?

Alistair Petrie plays dethroned Moordale High head Mr Groff, while Connor Swindells plays his on-screen son Adam.

Clearly, they aren't related, but their likeness is such - in terms of appearance and mannerisms - that some people think it could be the best father-son casting ever:

Petrie confirmed to LADbible that Swindells definitely isn't his real son, though he admitted he is like an 'extra son' to him.

Told that 'Is Mr Groff Adam's real dad' is one of the show's most popular search terms, Petrie said: "Ha, really? That was funny. I can confirm that he's not my real son, although I do love him dearly.

"He's like an extra son to me. I have two boys but I really do consider Connor my third son.

"He's such an incredible talent. They cast him before they cast me, and I remember when we got together and read for the first time, everyone in the room was like, 'ah, ok, I think we've got something here'."

They're not actually related, OK?

Petrie also addressed another popular fan question - just when is Sex Education set?

He said: "It does get a lot of attention, that question.

"My response to it is, who cares? Yes, the costumes are very 80s, but they all have mobiles.

"Some things suggest one thing, then others suggest something totally different. I think the stories are the star.

"They're so good that you shouldn't really care when or where it's set.

"Go and watch something else if that's what bothers you!"

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