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This Morning Viewers Love Cow That's Obsessed With The Chase

This Morning Viewers Love Cow That's Obsessed With The Chase

She's always in the moooooooood for it

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

This Morning viewers have been left baffled, amused and enamoured by a cow that's obsessed with The Chase. Watch the segment here:

The 10-month old calf, called Honey, was born through a caesarean and she was incredibly weak, so she was moved inside by the Northmore family, who have a farm in Cornwood, Devon.

But after coming on 'leaps and bounds' in the house, Honey developed a taste for a certain game show.

Molly, 18, who has reared the calf, said: "She just stands in front of the TV and her ears are pricked. When she's watching it she's in a trance.

"It's just the different sounds and different lights and everything, I guess. She doesn't like dark, more scary films."

Asked if Honey likes Loose Women, Molly said: "The other day she was in here and she wasn't really interested in watching that so I had to put The Chase on. She just wasn't really into it."

But while Honey ain't particularly sweet on Loose Women, viewers of This Morning loved the Bradley Walsh-watching bovine:

Carolyn Northmore, who works at South Moor Vets, previously said they decided to keep Honey indoors after Molly was furloughed due to the pandemic.

According to the Daily Mail, she said: "She came indoors because it was too cold for her to stay outdoors back in March. It's one of those really happy coincidences.

"When she was first born she wasn't much bigger than a Terrier. She was tiny.

"Molly took her under her wing and reared her. Molly didn't give her a chance to die."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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