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Remember Lily From '8 Mile'? She's All Grown Up Now

Remember Lily From '8 Mile'? She's All Grown Up Now

She's been fairly quiet since 2002.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

If you're an Eminem fan then you've undoubtedly seen 8 Mile. If you're not an Eminem fan, but think you are because you once bought the Curtain Call album from HMV in 2008, then you've probably seen 8 Mile too.

You all probably remember the plot - poor little white boy mocked for his involvement in a predominately black culture, can't hack it, blah, blah, then comes back to prove he's the man, walks off as the credits roll and 'Lose Yourself' (the hip hop equivalent of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow) plays.

Along the way though, Eminem's character, Jimmy Smith AKA B-Rabbit, has a rather shit home-life, being squashed into a trailer with his little sister, his mum and her partner.

In 2002 when the film was released, Chloé Greenfield who plays Lily Smith was seven-years-old, but has since broken free of her trailer park home.

Now 21, she's unrecognisable as the cagoule wearing, snotty nose sibling of B-Rabbit, but has kept rather quiet on the acting scene. Three years after 8 Mile reached critical acclaim, she appeared in a film called 21 Carbs, then a year later was cast in a film with similarities to her on screen debut, called Project 313. Set in Detroit, two friends struggle to deal with the the day-to-day challenges and hardships of urban street life, eventually hatching a 'get rich quick' scheme. Seems very, very familiar.

Project 313 was actually her last appearance in a film, and her second to last role to date.

In 2006 she joined the cast of ER as Sarah Riley. Between then and 2009 she appeared in 24 episodes (poetic) across three seasons.

She is apparently still pursuing a career in acting, but on her social media channels is a self-declared adventure seeker.

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