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Ninety-Nine-Year-Old Woman Gets Arrested So She Can Tick It Off Her Bucket List

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Ninety-Nine-Year-Old Woman Gets Arrested So She Can Tick It Off Her Bucket List

What's on your bucket list? Swim with dolphins? Go skydiving? Maybe even climb Everest? These are the common ones, but one adorable old lady from the Netherlands had something a bit more badass in mind.

Ninety-nine-year-old Annie decided that one thing she needed to tick off her personal bucket list was getting banged up in jail. Not the sort of thing you might expect from a woman who'll soon be celebrating a century on the planet. To be honest, in that amount of time it's probably quite an achievement not to have been arrested already.

So how did Annie get herself carted off by the boys in blue? Public indecency? Gang violence? Shoplifting? Or perhaps a spot of graffiti?


Luckily, none of the above. In actual fact, Annie's niece helped her to tick the rather unusual item of her list. She contacted the Politie Nijmegen-Zuid, in the east of the Netherlands, and told them about her aunt's bucket list.

It would take a heart made of pure ice to turn down that request, so naturally the Dutch police stepped up and offered their services.

Annie was picked up, bundled into a police car and carted off to the station, where she looked as if she was having the time off her life. Here she was handcuffed and allowed to sit in a cell for a bit, just like an actual criminal.


Fair play to the police for helping Annie to realise her wildest dreams.

"We don't usually do this, but we made an exception for Annie," said a spokesperson for the Politie Nijmegen-Zuid. "It was just a couple of minutes in the cell. It was all about the experience. We don't know why it was on her bucket list."

We just hope that when we're Annie's age, we're still living life the way that she is.


Words by Paddy Maddison

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/politienijmegenzuid​

Topics: arrested

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