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LAD Makes Possibly The Greatest Ad Ever To Sell His ’96 Suzuki Vitara

LAD Makes Possibly The Greatest Ad Ever To Sell His ’96 Suzuki Vitara

I'm in tears watching this.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Every car company which has a four-wheel drive will spend hundreds of thousands of pounds to create the perfect advert.

It will usually show its newest vehicle battling the elements to reach the top of a peak or valley, showing the brilliant standard of its gear or brake system. But these companies might have some serious competition.

Eugene Romanovsky wanted to sell his 1996 Suzuki Vitara. However, considering that cars of that make, model and year are being sold on Gumtree for about £800, this LAD wanted to spruce up his wheels.

So, he produced one of the most epic adverts in history. Check it out here:

Credit: YouTube/Eugene Romanovsky

He shows the beautiful car, which he calls his best friend of 10 years, in some nice green locations, before you see it atop cliffs, on sand dunes and driving past a cheetah. Then the beauty on four wheels goes underwater, shot through space, on the moon and then beamed back, Back to the Future style, to earth.

Eugene has told LADbible it took him about three weeks to put it together in between his work and personal life. He said: "It was my personal project I did for fun and it included some professional test of software. I didn't really know through the process that I was going to publish it anywhere."

He's a creative director and visual effects supervisor at Gravity, an international creative, design, animation and effects group in Israel.

Since putting the ad up on YouTube earlier this month he says he's had a load of feedback: "I have a lot of responses from many, many people, and a lot of offers, too. But now I have three potential buyers, but they need to decide.

I seriously applaud Eugene for putting the time and effort into creating this cinematic masterpiece. There are few examples which compare to the level of work he put in to jazz up this 21-year-old car.

But there are some people out there who will do the bare minimum when it comes to selling their vehicle.

Introducing Dave Goodwin, who didn't sugar coat the fact that his 93' Saab is 'an absolute parcel of shit'.

In a Facebook post, Dave described the car as: "It's done similar mileage to your bird at 133,000 miles and it's got a big tow bar on the back so you can pull the bitch out of bed in the morning when she won't make you a brew, the selfish cow.


Credit: Facebook/Dave Goodwin

"Engine and gearbox are good, runs like a smack head with a stolen sky box n a block of cheese under his arm, and it's still showing taxed so you won't get pulled when you're out and about selling Sputnik to kids wearing man-bags.

"All the lights work as you can see, and it looks like the previous owner washed it EVERYDAY.... with a fucking brick!! No timewasters, serious buyers only. Ideal cheap family car at £695 if you can handle your wife leaving you for a crackhead on a mountain bike and your kids denying you as their father when you drop them off at school in the pile of shit."

I feel in this era of fake news, a little bit of honesty goes a long way. Here's hoping that he ended up finding a nice home or scrap yard for the Saab.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Eugene Romanovsky