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People Think They've Noticed 'Crucifixion Of Jesus' Inside Tangerine

People Think They've Noticed 'Crucifixion Of Jesus' Inside Tangerine

The son of God was apparently spotted inside a freshly peeled tangerine



Jesus has made another surprise appearance after the escape from his own tomb, only this time he's apparently between the segments of a freshly-peeled tangerine.

Nursing home supervisor Gene Guglielmi had to check twice when he spotted the son of God nailed to the pith of his fruit at work.

FYI, Jesus was last spotted in the early 1st century AD by his disciples on a mountain in Galilee, modern Israel so if true, this is a pretty big deal.

The photo is clear to show a figure resembling the son of God with a defined head, slender torso, and arms stretched outwards.
Kennedy News and Media

Gene said: "I spotted the figure as soon as I separated the two halves of the tangerine and it looked like Jesus.

"I remember thinking 'cool look at that, a figure that looks just like Jesus hanging on the cross, neat'.

"I also thought 'wait 'til my friends see this, they'll think it's cool too'.

"The ends of the legs were connected at the bottom, I removed those strings to make it look more like he was hanging and it looked more like two connected legs until I separated them."

Nursing home supervisor Gene Guglielmi was the one who made the holy discovery.
Kennedy News and Media

After Gene uploaded the photo on Facebook, it was quick to go viral and received more than 3,200 likes, shares, and comments.

So much so, that some social media users even suggested he might be able to earn a few bucks from the crucifixion fruit.

One user said: "You could sell that as a 'blessed orange' to some religious fanatics for some good cash."

Kennedy News and Media

Many agreed the tangerine pith did bear a striking resemblance to Jesus Christ in the comments.

Someone wrote: "This looks like Christ on the cross also coming from the tomb, also angel wings, this is amazing."

Another commented: "My goodness, it's a crucifix."

A third then wrote: "We have been waiting for Jesus to return, and he was just chilling in a tangerine this whole time."

Could it really be Jesus Christ?
Kennedy News and Media

However, some of the less faithful saw through Gene's stunt; Jesus was too far-fetched for them.

One user thought the tangerine could only resemble Hollywood actor Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 2 when he stops a train with his bare hands.

They wrote: "It's that Spiderman scene with the train bless."

Another commented: "Looks like Tobey Maguire holding the train back from Spider-Man."

Well, whether the tangerine is Jesus Christ resurrected... or Spider-Man... it's a pretty cool discovery nevertheless!

Words: Charlie Metcalfe

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Topics: World News