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Woman’s ‘crime against McDonald’s’ order has people seriously divided

Woman’s ‘crime against McDonald’s’ order has people seriously divided

People definitely had some thoughts about the bizarre order

McDonald's orders differ from person to person, as we all know.

Some people won't touch a Filet-O-Fish with a barge pole, while others can't imagine chowing down on McNuggets.

Bizarre, I know.

But despite people's individual preferences, most of us can agree that a beef patty deserves to be nestled between a bun.

Although you may add some extra lettuce or what not, the foundation of a Maccies burger should stay the same.

That's according to a legion of fast food fans who were outraged when a woman shared her unorthodox McDonald's order.

Kristy Hawk, 41, usually shares her 'fun and delicious' keto recipes with her followers on social media.

But like everyone else, she sometimes can't be bothered to cook or simply fancies a trip to the drive-thru.

The foodie still stays strict with her keto, or low-carb, diet even if she's treating herself.

In an online post, Kristy revealed her snack of choice is a Double Quarter Pounder - that's missing a few key elements.

She strips it of the bun, ketchup, mustard and onions, leaving only regular mayo, light lettuce and pickles on the burger.

The US content creator then washes it all down with a large water.

Kristy also shared a picture of her controversial burger - but internet users weren't too impressed and branded it a 'crime against McDonald’s’.

One wrote: "What is the point of going to McDonald's then?"

A second said: "Looks like a McThrow-Up."

Kristy's stripped back burger didn't go down well with fast food fans.

A third added: "That pile of mayonnaise should scare you more than bread but okay."

A fourth fumed: "This is the most irritating thing I’ve ever seen."

Others were more supportive of Kristy's minimalistic Double Quarter Pounder that helps her keep to her keto diet.

She later shared a follow-up post defending her order, but insisted she doesn't let 'naysayers' have 'any affect' on her.

The health-focused food lover said: "It’s funny to me as to how many people get so worked up about my McDonald’s order.

"I made the mistake of looking at some of the comments. Won’t do that again. I do what I gotta do to make this lifestyle work.

"There were some who called me picky, others said it was depressing, some said to just eat the bun and one said I was a McDonald's worker's worst nightmare."

Kirsty also pointed out that as she's paying for it, people should let her order exactly what she wants. You can't argue with that!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@kristysketolifestyle

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