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LADs Create New Football Board Game In Lockdown

LADs Create New Football Board Game In Lockdown

Three mates have invented a new football board game in lockdown. You can see how it works here:

James Bergman, Charlie Wright and Michael Hurst, from Romford, Essex, decided to merge their passion for football and board games as the pandemic brought normal life to a halt.

Now, after six months of messing about with prototypes over countless Zoom calls, the trio are ready to present Rising Star Football Edition to the world.


The name of the game is to live the dream of being a professional footballer, negotiating your way through matches, training, press conferences and contract negotiations on your path to becoming the Rising Star champion.

"The best way to describe it in one sentence would be FIFA Be a Pro meets Game of Life," James, a 28-year-old scaffolder, told LADbible.

However, trials with friends, family and volunteers revealed that the game is not just for footie fans.


James added: "The game is for families and friends who like a competitive and enjoyable gaming experience.

"Playing matches against your opponents is one of the most enjoyable parts and the rivalry that can bring is entertaining.

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"This, along with the story line you build and the events that occur in your players' careers, keep you engrossed and wanting to win."

Having finally got the design perfectly honed, the final obstacle the boys need to tackle is amassing enough funding to get the game manufactured and up for sale in time for Christmas.


In order to do this, they've set up a Kickstarter campaign - so if you like the look of the game, your best chance of getting to play it for yourself ASAP is to back it, which you can do here.


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Charlie said: "Hitting our funding target means we are able to get the game manufactured and start to sell online via Amazon and other outlets.

"We can make it a full time business and also develop our other titles we have in the pipeline.


"Our aim would be to have it out in online shops by Christmas.

"We think it would be the perfect game for when all the family are together, or the ideal gift for those who love board games or football."

Sounds good to me.

You can find out more about the game here.

Featured Image Credit: Rising Star Football Edition

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