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School Kids Arrange Secret Toy Drive For Classmate Who Lost All His Belongings In A Fire

School Kids Arrange Secret Toy Drive For Classmate Who Lost All His Belongings In A Fire

The little boy told his grandmother he cried 'happy tears' after their kind gesture

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A schoolboy who lost all his belongings in a house fire was surprised with a huge pile of toys and games after his classmates pulled together and organised a secret toy drive. How sweet is that, eh?

Daniel Hunt, from Tennessee, lost everything after a fire tore through his family home last month. So, his pals at Philadelphia Elementary School arranged some replacement toys for him.

An overwhelmed Daniel headed into class last Friday, completely unaware of what his little pals had done. Once he spotted the pile, his teacher says he was speechless for a few moments before saying: "I love it! Everyone come here," and opening up his arms as his friends rushed towards him in a group hug.

Daniel Hunt's grandmother says he 'cried happy tears' when he saw the surprise his pals had organised.
Philadelphia Elementary School

School counsellor Kelly Jones told ABC News: "It was amazing to witness the excitement these third-grade kids had while sneaking in toys.

"The entire week, they couldn't love him enough. People were holding doors for him, getting his pencil ready for him each morning, taking his chair down from the desk for him to sit in and swarming him at recess.

"Every adult and even a few students had tears swelling up in their eyes who were in the room to witness this.

"I feel extremely blessed to have witnessed the pure love and giving from the hearts of the third-grade students at my school last week."

Hits you right in the feels this one, doesn't it?

Sharing the adorable story on Facebook, Philadelphia Elementary School posted a number of cute snaps explaining: "Last week, one of our Warriors, Daniel Hunt, lost all of his belongings in a house fire. His third-grade teachers and classmates started a secret toy drive for him to replace the toys he lost.

Daniel lost all his toys in a house fire.
Philadelphia Elementary School

"He received the toys today and he was so surprised and thankful! This is certainly one of the #37846Reasons we love PES! #LoveItLiveIt#WarriorNation"

Daniel's grandmother Marsha Hunt said her grandson told her he 'cried happy tears' on the way home and she took to Facebook to share a heart-felt post about his generous classmates, writing: "I love that his friends gave from their heart to this special little grandson. They were so excited to give! He has looked at each and every toy, big and small, and he loves them all. Thank you so much!"

Featured Image Credit: Philadelphia Elementary School

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