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This Bar Is Serving Up Squashie Cocktails

This Bar Is Serving Up Squashie Cocktails

The drink has been inspired by the classic drumstick lollies and Squashies sweets

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Because grown-up life is really bloody hard (bills, rent, aches and pains, etc etc), most of us like to rely on a nice bit of nostalgia to escape from the horrible reality that is adulthood.

Well, one bar in Middlesborough is giving us the ultimate blast from the past, taking two of your favourite childhood sweets and turning them into a delicious, boozy drink.

Olivello Ristorante is the master behind the cocktail, which has been inspired by Squashies and Drumstick lollies - two things that you may still be able to buy, but were definitely due an alcoholic upgrade to make us feel better about the fact that our diets still mostly revolve around sweets.

Olivello Ristorante

Posting on Instagram, the bar shared a picture of the tasty tipple, writing: "Our own concoction! The Drumstick Squashie Cocktail! Now being served at Olivello Ristorante!"

As you could imagine, people were quick to get on board, with many tagging pals to notify them of the groundbreaking news.

"Take my money," one person wrote.

Another said: "Holy shit balls!!!!!!"

Someone else posted: "These looks soooo good."

"OMG looks like a dream I still need to try here wonder if it's nice!! Never mind the food the cocktails are enough for me," another wrote.

One person simply summed it up in one word: "Peng."


By the looks of things, it's bound to be pretty popular with the bar's customers, with no doubt many others willing to travel the length and breadth of the country to get in on the Squashie wizardry.

Loads of other bars across the country have upped their game when it comes to unique cocktails, too.

These Twister cocktails have been created by The Paddocks pub in Clonee, Dublin, and are actually frozen daiquiris. Each one looks exactly like the fruity frozen classic, but has obviously had a boozy twist. An instant hit.

The Paddocks

According to the pub's website, one of these will set you back €6.95, which is approximately £6.05.

If a Twister daiquiri isn't quite doing it for you, then the menu has loads of other incredible creations to get your chops round instead. Orange Barardi Breezers have been transformed into daiquiris too as well as Smirnoff Ice and blue WKDs, which will set you back about £6 for each refreshing treat.

And if you cant get enough of Kopperbergs, these also come in daiquiri form, and you can choose from either strawberry and lime, mixed fruits or summer fruits.

Bottoms up, folks.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Olivello Ristorante/Swizzels Matlow

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