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Woman Shows How To Recreate Wetherspoon's Cocktail Pitchers At Home

Woman Shows How To Recreate Wetherspoon's Cocktail Pitchers At Home

Not all heroes wear capes

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Remember when all the fast-food places were closed, and people started getting creative and re-making their own favourites at home? Well, now one hero is doing the same but with Wetherspoon's cocktail pitchers.

TikTok user @youlikejazzzzz has been sharing recipes so you can recreate your very own 'Spoon's worthy cocktails at home, including Purple Rain, Blue Lagoon, Ultra Violet and Ginberry Fizz.

To make your very own Purple Rain, she suggests filling a jug three-quarters full of ice, chucking in 50ml of Cherry Sourz, 50ml of blue Curaçao, topping with lemonade and then giving the whole thing a quick stir before getting it down your neck.

If it's Blue Lagoon you've been craving our friend here recommends once again filling a jug three-quarters with ice, before putting in 50ml of vodka, 50ml blue Curaçao, a couple of dashes of lime cordial and a splash of lemonade.


The Ultra Violet also starts life as a jug three-quarters filled with ice before she pours in 100ml of parma violet gin and two cans of Monster Ultra.

The Ginberry Fizz, again, needs a jug three-quarters full of ice, 50ml of pink gin, 50ml of Chambord Raspberry Liqueur and a good slug of lemonade to top it up.

As you can probably imagine, the videos have gone viral with followers calling her a 'Godsend' and a hero. Others have been begging the TikTok user to recreate their own favourite and calling for her to 'make it a series'.

The drinks even got the thumbs up from one follower who claims to work at the pub chain, saying: "As a Spoons employee, this is great!" So, there you go, what are you waiting for? It's 5 o'clock somewhere!

In other booze news, Swedish company Kopparberg has announced it will be launching its first ever rum.

Its Cherry Spiced Rum is available in 70cl bottles or 250ml pre-mixed cola and rum cans. Sounds good.

The new spirit will be on sale in Asda from Monday and will cost you £20 for a bottle or £6 for a four pack of ready to drink cans.

Kopparberg reckon it tastes best served as 50ml measure with cola, ice and a wedge of lime - and who am I to argue?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@youlikejazzzzz

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