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US President Trump Is Mocked For ‘Forgetting’ His Wife Was Next To Him

US President Trump Is Mocked For ‘Forgetting’ His Wife Was Next To Him

American President Donald Trump is being tolled on social media for supposedly 'forgetting that his wife was standing right next to him'.

As Hurricane Irma weakened earlier this month, the US leader held a press conference to thank all the emergency services and government agencies for their hard work before, during and after Irma.

He told the crowd in Fort Myers, Florida: "I want to thank everybody, you guys, I mean, I don't want to see you next week in another place, okay, we've seen you enough."

That was an obvious joke about how much these hard-working individuals have been seen considering Hurricane Irma followed the similarly devastating Hurricane Harvey. But it's his next comment that has a few people scratching their heads.


"I just want to thank everybody, the first responders, on behalf of myself, our Vice President, Melania really wanted to be with us, it's really touched her heart at what's gone on."

But some viewers have seized on the fact that the First Lady was standing right next to him.


However other people have been quick to note that President Trump might have just meant that his wife, Melania, was so overwhelmed by the scenes of devastation, that she chose to be there.

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This could have been a case of poor use of language, so the jury is out on this one. But only a day later, President Trump was mocked for another awkward exchange with his wife during a public address.

Melania and Donald arrived on a stage at the Joint Base Andrews in Maryland to mark the 70th birthday of the US Air Force. The First Lady spoke first, thanking members of the Air Force for their hard work and dedication over the years, before handing over to her husband. Instead of a nice kiss on the cheek, or maybe a hug or pat on the back, the President decided to shake his wife's hand.


It's a weirdly formal encounter that would usually be reserved to a dignitary, official, citizen, or virtually anyone outside his family. He's seen mouthing the words 'Good job' before guiding her off stage.

Ever since Donald Trump won the US presidency, a lot of people have focused on Melania's every move to see whether she's smiling through gritted teeth. The hashtag #SadMelania has steadily documented all the times where eagle-eyed viewers have captured what they think is the First Lady 'breaking character'.

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