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Woman has savage response after man texted her to split the bill following first date

Woman has savage response after man texted her to split the bill following first date

Anna refused to cough up half of the bill the day after the 'mediocre' date.

Deciding how you're going to sort the bill on a first date is quite the delicate dance.

Splitting it is the obvious and fairest route - after all, both parties agreed to go out and should pay their way.

But if you end up covering the cost of your night on the town, surely you can't change your mind the next day?

Well, that's what this woman thinks - and she had a savage response when her date asked to be reimbursed.

A Reddit user named Anna explained she had been taken out by a bloke named Jason for a few drinks.

She described the encounter as 'mediocre' and explained the man had drank quite a bit more than her.

But nevertheless, when the $100 (£82) bill came Anna offered to pay for her share, which she says would have came to $25 (£20).

Jason batted her hand away and insisted he stump up the cash and the pair went their separate ways.

However, the following day Anna received a text from her date explaining that he wanted to rescind his offer to foot the full bill.

The bloke changed his mind the next day and asked Anna to go halves.
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It read: "Good morning. I had a great time last night! After thinking it over... I think I will take you up on splitting the dinner.

"I'm going to the game today and didn't realise I spent so much last night lol. Can you Venmo me $50?"

Anna was obviously taken aback by the request, especially as her drinks only made up a quarter of the total bill.

Instead of obeying his demand to fund his day out and reluctantly coughing up the cash, she sent a brutal response to Jason's eleventh hour plea.

The Redditor said: "Good morning. That offer expired after we left the restaurant. Have fun at the game."

Social media users applauded Anna for standing her ground, while discussing the dilemma of splitting the tab in the comments.

One said: "I can’t imagine. If I needed that $50 to pay my rent and I'd be homeless, I’d sell my belongings before sending that text. Do some people lack the ability to cringe at themselves?"

Jason explained he needed the cash back to fund his day out.

Another wrote: "You’re a better woman than me… I wouldn’t have even responded, just blocked lol."

A third added: "Paying for yourself is not the same as splitting the tab. You pay for what you ate and drank, he pays for what he ate and drank. You shouldn't have to pay for him."

And a fourth chimed in: "Look, being broke, especially if y’all are young, is understandable.

"But this? This is dumb. Pay attention to what you’re spending if you’re hurting for cash and have plans the next day."

Others said Anna's reply was 'perfect', while laughing at the fact she had added a poop and red flag emoji next to his name in her contacts.

Jason's well and truly had his card marked by Anna, that's for sure. I'm sure he's not holding out hope for a round two.

I mean, did he not learn anything from the woman who knocked back nearly 50 oysters on a first date?

Featured Image Credit: Getty stock image/Reddit

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