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Man Puts On 15 Tops To Avoid Suitcase Fees At Airport

Man Puts On 15 Tops To Avoid Suitcase Fees At Airport

He was left sweating but he didn't have to pay excess baggage fees

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Most have us have been stung with heavy fines for your suitcase being overweight at the airport. As if it's not expensive enough to go on holiday, the last thing anyone needs is those excessive charges just to take your own stuff with you.

So when one Scottish man found out his suitcase weight too much, he decided he was not going to take it lying down.

Oh no. Rather than pay the baggage fee on his flight back home to Scotland from France, he decided to get creative. John Irvine, 46, got the ingenious idea of wearing all of his clothes so that he didn't have to put them in his case.

EasyJet staff at Nice Airport were left laughing when he started layering on his clothes. Having been on a holiday with his wife and son during the heatwave that swept over the country, he had arrived at the airport in just a t-shirt.

His son Josh found it hilarious and thankfully caught the whole thing on camera, posting it on Snapchat. His dad managed to put on an impressive 15 extra layers so he didn't have to pay the fee.

On the first clip, he wrote: "Suitcase is too heavy so ma da's just putting all the clothes on."

You can see his dad brazenly layering on his tops, with josh writing on the next clip: "About 13 t-shirts down the line."

On the next clip, Josh says he can see his dad sweating, writing: "Absolutely bloody roasting."

Speaking to the Mirror, Josh said: "They told him to take off some tops, and he kept taking them off because they were wondering what he was hiding."

When the security staff were satisfied that this was no criminal act, more an act of principle, they let his dad go, watching him walk off with a pile of shirts on to the plane.

Josh admitted that some of his own clothes were in his dad's suitcase, but said he was too busy filming the whole thing to offer to take some of them on.

Posting it on Twitter, it obviously went viral, with many people finding it relatable.

With everyone going off on their summer holidays, I don't think this will be a loophole for long.

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