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​Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Just Released More ‘Proof’ That Aliens Exist

​Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Just Released More ‘Proof’ That Aliens Exist

It comes just months after he appeared in a high profile live stream discussing an incident involving a UFO

Former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge is at it again, having just released what he considers solid proof that aliens exist.

The musician leads an organisation called To The Stars Academy Of The Arts And Sciences, which has just released a declassified military video that folk reckon is footage of a UFO.

In the video, which according to TTSAOAAS was captured on a US Navy F/A 18 Super Hornet fighter jet, two pilots use an infrared camera to track what appears to be a fast-moving white dot, which seems to be flying above the ocean.

Yup, all a bit weird isn't it?

Of course, this is hardly the first time that DeLonge has revealed the 'truth' about aliens and life from outer space, being a long-time avid believe in extraterrestrial life.

Just a few months back, he appeared in a live-stream broadcast to discuss an incident involving a UFO, alongside a number of 'Department of Defence insiders'.

The talk involved figures such as Chris Mellon (FMR Deputy Asst Secretary of Defense for Intelligence) Jim Semivan (FMR Sr. Intelligence Service, CIA's Directorate of Operations) and Dr. Hal Puthoff (Director of DOD/CIA/DIA Scientific Research Programs).

Needless to say, the feedback from people on social media showed that everyone was a bit confused about the whole thing.

His news came after he made an announcement on Instagram the day before, with a text-based pictured that read:


The caption then revealed more, saying: "Thank you all for waiting for an announcement that is literally two years in the making.

"I have assembled a team of insiders that I believe can possibly change the world. All are current consultants to the US Gov on National Security Matters, and some literally left days ago from the Department of Defence to join me in this initiative.

"Fmr. High Ranking Government Officials and Senior Intelligence Officers from CIA, DOD, and also a Chief Engineer (Director of Advanced Programs) from Lockheed Martin's the Skunk Works have come together aiming to BUILD A REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY that can change life as we know it (we will be showing a concept of the spacecraft tomorrow), research the unknown and finally tell the 'story of the millennia' through Feature Films.

"NO ONE GOVERNMENT, INDIVIDUAL OR INSTITUTION should own what can truthfully help the world. We all can own it together. To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science is allowing a group of those who are interested to join us on day one."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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