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If Children Don't Like You Then There's Probably A Pretty Savage Reason Why

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If Children Don't Like You Then There's Probably A Pretty Savage Reason Why

I've got some bad news for you mate, there's a pretty simple reason why kids don't like you and it's nothing to do with you not paying them attention, or because you're shit at buying them Christmas presents.

A recent study found that children link trust to how attractive they perceive someone to be. Which means, long story short: they hate you because you're ugly

The study, performed by researchers in China, had two groups of participants: children and adults. The groups were then presented with 200 neutral male faces looking directly at the camera and asked to rate them on attractiveness and trustworthiness.


Credit: PA Images

The fitter the face; the more likely children were to rate it as trustworthy.

And this isn't the only time it's been proven that attractive people are handed a natural advantage over their fugly counterparts, there are plenty of studies that support stereotypically attractive people being perceived as smarter, more successful and more outgoing.

Although on a happier note for any 3/10 blokes reading, a Florida State University study has also found that marriages and relationships (heterosexual ones, presumably) are more likely to be successful if the woman is more... well, 'aesthetically gifted' than her partner.


Credit: Vevo

The study saw 113 married couples, with the average age being in the late 20s, were rated on their attractiveness by evaluators from Southern Methodist University and Florida State University, according to The Chive.

They found that if a male is less attractive than his wife, he's likely to make more of an effort to please her, whether it be with gifts, by undertaking chores, working on their appearance, or even in the bedroom.


This in turn keeps the missus happy, thus making the relationship more sustainable.

"The husbands seemed to be basically more committed, more invested in pleasing their wives when they felt that they were getting a pretty good deal," the study reads.


On the other hand, when evaluators rated the men more desirable, they found that the pressure women felt led to activities that had a negative impact on their lives.

To make up for them feeling inferior in terms of looks, the study found that they'd try diets, excessive exercise and other extreme measures to remain 'sexy'.

So I guess being ugly has its ups and it has its downs - not that I'd know personally.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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James Dawson
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