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Cardi B Stripped Completely Naked On Instagram After 'Nude Leak'

Cardi B Stripped Completely Naked On Instagram After 'Nude Leak'

Just when you thought you'd seen it all - Cardi B goes and gets her fanny out on Instagram.

The 26-year-old rapper was reacting to leaked nudes on social media, which she says were Photoshopped and faked.


In the only acceptable way to react to such a thing, she decided to show her followers the 'real thing'.

In the video, she talks us through different bits of her downstairs, pointing at various parts of her anatomy as we go along in a very informative piece to camera.

She explained: "That ain't my p***y, my p***y right here. This is where I birthed my daughter from. This part right here is just my a**.

"You know when you got a fat a**, this part right here, this the part that gives the d*** comfort."


She continued: "If y'all wanted to see me you should have come and see me when I was a f***ing stripper, now too bad."

Nice. One thing you can say about Cardi is that she does not care at all, does she?

And obviously, that wasn't the end of the story. The internet reacted in the only way the internet knows how. Full force piss taking.

Even Babestation waded in with this beauty of a tweet.

Cardi B, who used to be a stripper, is no stranger to social media rants. She recently took to Instagram to reveal that she 'robbed and drugged' men at an earlier stage in her life.

Taking to Instagram, the rapper posted a picture with a statement defending her actions, with the caption: "All I can do now is be a better me for myself my family and my future."

Last night's Billboard Music Awards were definitely eventful for Cardi B - the American star picked up six awards, including Top Rap Song.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Cardi B

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