Millionaire Danielle 'Cash Me Ousside' Bregoli Reveals How She Spends Her Money

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Millionaire Danielle 'Cash Me Ousside' Bregoli Reveals How She Spends Her Money

It's probably fair to say Danielle Bregoli - better known as 'cash me ousside' girl - is richer than you or I will ever be.

She stormed into the public eye aged 14 when she appeared on Dr Phil and gave her infamous threat at an audience member. From there, she decided to wring every single drop of her 'fame' - releasing a line of merchandise, a few songs and even going on a tour.


Rapping under the name Bhad Bhabie - her latest single 'Hi Bich' has inexplicably sold more than 500,000 copies and is certified gold, according to TMZ.


And if all that isn't enough to rake in the dosh, according to TMZ, she charged the Rolling Loud Music Festival more than $40,000 (£28,462) to do a meet and greet next month.

So what I'm saying is, despite making a bit of a fool of herself on TV almost two years ago, it's somehow all paid off and she's now said to be worth a cool one million dollars (£711,57). How bow dah?

Speaking to Hollywood Life, Danielle said she wasn't sure how much she was worth, precisely, but that it was 'definitely over a million so far'.


If you're wondering how the hell that's come about, she expanded: "We do lots of endorsements. And my YouTube videos get a lot of views. Also, there's a lot of other stuff we haven't announced yet."

She was recently questioned by TMZ on what she spends her new-found mega bucks on and answered: "I only spend my money on nails and eyelashes."

No wonder she's still got so much in the bank then.


And she's got grand-plans for her future, with a single featuring Lil Yachty recently released - not to mention that tour, where she's reportedly going to earn an estimated $50,000, (£35,578) per show. If the first two dates do well, it's been reported that Live Nation will be putting on a US-wide tour.

And all of this at the tender age of 15. Fair play to her, I couldn't even be bothered to do a paper round at that age.

Sources: TMZ; Hollywood Life

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