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Jimmy Carr Calls Heckler A 'F****** R*****' And Kicks Him Out Of Show

Jimmy Carr Calls Heckler A 'F****** R*****' And Kicks Him Out Of Show

The comedian lost his rag with the male fan telling him 'if it's any consolation, I'll keep the money'

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Jimmy Carr has been recorded calling a heckler a 'f****** r*****' and demanding he be removed from his show after being told his jokes aren't funny. You can listen to the moment he had the man removed from the gig here:

The comedian lost his temper at the male fan, who refused to leave when asked, during his Terribly Funny show at The Lighthouse, Poole on Thursday 7 October.

An audience member said the heckler had been disruptive throughout the show and that the recording started several minutes after the altercation began.

While the disruptor is inaudible, Jimmy can be heard saying: "You've got to f***ing go," adding: "If it's any consolation, I'll keep the money."

LANDMARK MEDIA/Alamy Stock Photo

According to a source, the heckler made several loud remarks throughout the show including that Jimmy's jokes weren't funny and that he'd heard them before.

The 49-year-old comic reportedly had to stop 'three or four times' and was getting 'visibly frustrated', as the heckler was talking loudly during his performance.

Before the recording began, Jimmy had reportedly asked security to go and sit with him over the mic as he didn't want to kick them out, but they continued to disrupt regardless.

Viewers then heard Jimmy say: "I think it's time for you guys to leave now," to the heckler and his group who had repeatedly insulted his jokes, but they refused.


This prompted Jimmy to demand he be removed from the venue.

According to a source, Jimmy said: "Why is he still here?"

Jimmy can then be heard saying: "Stop negotiating with him and get him out the f****** room," to rapturous applause.

The comedian's personal security guard, Steven, then emerged from backstage and helped physically remove the man, and Jimmy added: "Steven will f****** end you."

The man was eventually escorted from the venue to huge applause.

Carr apologised to his audience for the disruption throughout.

A comedy fan who was at the show said: "This is the only time I've seen Jimmy get angry and I've been to a lot of his shows. He was clearly very upset.

"The heckler was given several chances, with Jimmy warning him throughout the show and even assigning a member of staff to sit with him. He dealt with it in a very funny way, but definitely upset the atmosphere."

Carr is currently touring the UK to promote the release of his new book Before & Laughter.

LADbible has contacted Jimmy Carr's management and The Lighthouse, Poole, for a comment.

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