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Mike Tyson Ate Four Grams Of Mushrooms On Logan Paul's Podcast

Mike Tyson Ate Four Grams Of Mushrooms On Logan Paul's Podcast

Iron Mike continued to chew the mushrooms for some time

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Mike Tyson made an appearance on an episode of Logan Paul's podcast and after five minutes he scoffed four grams of mushrooms.

It really makes for wild watching, although the longer the chat between the men went on, the more necessary it is for the former boxer to clear his throat. Which he isn't doing - so essentially you spend much of your time coughing for him.

You can watch the podcast below, but be aware it contains some strong language:

As the podcast - which was also being filmed - began, the 54-year-old was already smoking a joint but it seems that wasn't quite enough as he was handed the shrooms by Impaulsive co-host Mike Majlak.

The four grams he scoffed is far more than your average intake and Logan Paul looked genuinely worried for his guest.

The 25-year-old said: "When I first heard about mushrooms in LA, everyone would talk about the taste. They said they taste like s***."

Before he got chance to ask whether that was the case, Tyson said: "It is s***. It comes from s***. Cows and goat s***.

"It's a fungus, it's what we're made out of. We're made out of this s***. When we die we turn into mushrooms and fungus."


When discussion turned to the potential further legality for mushrooms, Tyson said he believes 'it's going to be the best thing since the 21st century' and added that taking it 'helps me be a better me'.

He then confirmed he trains after taking mushrooms and may have taken some a few days before he returned to the ring for the first time in 15 years in an exhibition bout with Roy Jones Jr last month.

At seven and a half minutes in, Tyson is encouraged to take some of his water to which he replies: "It's not ready yet."

A flustered Mike Majlak quickly responds: "In no way am I forcing or saying you have to do anything - take your time." And that, children, is what we call someone who's just s*** a brick.


While a lot of the conversation centred around drugs, it's worth noting that the whole conversation wasn't just about Tyson experimenting with substances.

He also talked about his upbringing and how he was arrested 40 times before he was 12 years of age.

His Hall of Fame boxing career was of course a key topic, but the two-time world heavyweight champion told Paul exactly what he thought regarding his transition into the squared circle.

'The Maverick' takes on Floyd Mayweather in a 'super exhibition fight' in February and when asked for his prediction right in front of Paul, Tyson said: "Floyd's gonna beat his f**kin' a**.

"But it's gonna be good! It's gonna be good, he's gonna fight back though!"

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Impaulsive

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