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Rita Ora And Conor McGregor Spark Huge Rumours After Night Together

Rita Ora And Conor McGregor Spark Huge Rumours After Night Together

Pop star Rita Ora sparked wild rumours after posting an Instagram photo with MMA fighter Conor McGregor on 'date night'.

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

Not to be nosy about how people conduct their personal lives, but MMA fighter Conor McGregor is known for being a devoted family man.

That's why pop singer Rita Ora has confused people so much after she posted an Instagram snap of the pair with the iffy caption 'date night', tagging in Conor's username @thenotoriousmma.

Rita and Conor were photographed together at the after party of the British Fashion Awards last night, with Rita giving a cheeky wink while biting her lip.

People on social media have lost their collective shit about the post, which seems to suggest that Rita and The Notorious had been for a cheeky Nando's, shared some popcorn while watching A Bad Moms Christmas or anything else that falls under the remit of 'date night'.

The general reaction seems to be one of confusion, judging by the Twitter response which widely asks: "wdc" or "What's the craic?" (If you're not Irish or have been living under a stone, that's slang for "What's going on?").

Given Conor's known devotion to his girlfriend, Dee Devlin, who he has been with since 2008, and their baby boy, Conor Jr, most people seem to be critical of rita for the post, accusing her of being a "home wrecker".

However, Conor hasn't been immune from the odd bit of suspicion either, with some people suggesting that with a girlfriend and baby at home, he should really know better.

Whether or not you think what adults get up to in their own time is their own bee's wax, Rita's post does lead us to ask a lot of questions.

Has Rita just made a playful post and cocked up massively? Are they just good mates, or is something more going on here? Either way, this rumour is going to be tasty for the next week.

Featured Image Credit: PA / Instagram

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