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Guy Who Watched 'Infinity War' 45 Times Will Get Free Ticket To 'Avengers 4' Premiere

Guy Who Watched 'Infinity War' 45 Times Will Get Free Ticket To 'Avengers 4' Premiere

An Avengers: Infinity War superfan has seen it 44 times - now, Marvel have given him tickets to the Avengers 4 premiere as a thank you.

Mike Wood

Mike Wood

Plenty of people are massive Marvel fans - if they weren't they wouldn't keep making the movies - but few can claim to compete with Nem: The Infinity Watcher.

In fact, nobody can. As we learned earlier this week, he's spent almost 112 hours of his life watching Avengers: Infinity War - a film which, remember, only came out at the end of April.

That's 45 viewings - probably more by the time I've finished writing this. How many times has he seen My Dinner With Andre though?

Tony Mitchell, as Nem - The Infinity Watcher is known to his mam, has made something of a niche out of watching the same film over and over again, crafting quite the YouTube following from his obsession.

Now, as a reward, Marvel have offered him tickets to the premiere of the next Avengers movie, in recognition of just how many times he's seen Infinity War.

Of course, with the money that he spent on repeat viewings, he probably could have just bought tickets to the premiere. But let's not let boring old facts get in the way of something this brilliantly daft.

"I grew up watching the animated X-Man series and thinking, 'Man, how cool would it be if we had something like that in movies,'" Mitchell told Polygon. "Kevin Feige, the Russo brothers and Marvel gave that to us. I see it as a redemption point for all of us fans."

"I remember reading [Avengers comic storyline] The Infinity Gauntlet, and then screaming in the theater when Thanos appeared in the post-credits scenes of The Avengers. I've been waiting for this since 2012, so I'm going to do what I can to support it."

Marvel Studios

I think that people who eat anything louder than a soft roll in the cinema should be sent to the gulags, so I might have exploded when someone shouted at the screen, but as we said, Mitchell's already earned his stripes as a Marvel superfan, so let's give him the benefit of the doubt here.

"There are ways to support a movie that are economically feasible for everyone. I just want to do this," added Mitchell.

Given that Marvel has made an estimated $2 billion (£149bn) from the film, it's unlikely that the comics giant still needs your cash but I guess the adage of 'you pays your money, you takes your choice' applies here.

Unfortunately for Nem, the next Avengers movie is miles off yet - the slated release date is 3 May 2019. Still, I reckon he could think of a way of passing the time until then...

Featured Image Credit: Twitter / Nem: Infinity Watcher / Marvel Studios

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