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'Haunting Of Hill House' Actor 'Confirms' Terrifying Theory

'Haunting Of Hill House' Actor 'Confirms' Terrifying Theory

Henry Thomas aka Hugh Crain wasn't holding back

Rachael Grealish

Rachael Grealish


There's been a mad theory going around that the end of the last episode of The Haunting of Hill House has given away the fate of the Crain family. Well, actor Henry Thomas - aka Hugh Crain - exclusively told LADbible it's a very 'astute observation'.

The theory centres around the last scene of the final episode, where Luke is surrounded by his family, celebrating his two years of sobriety. However, the cake he cuts into is red - leading fans to believe the Crain family never actually survived the house and are actually in the show's infamous red room.

Throughout the series, viewers are led to believe that the red room is locked, with no one able to enter, but it turns out each member of the family had been visiting the room - the giveaway was something in the scene would be prominently red,symbolising them in the room.

With this in mind, it sparks debate over the cake - and when this question was posed to Henry, he said: "I think that's a very astute observation, and if you keep thinking along those lines, I think it's a good indicator of, perhaps, what season two will bring."

'Haunting Of Hill House' Actor 'Confirms' Terrifying Theory.

Wait, hold the phone! Did he just confirm the theory the Crain family are in fact still trapped in Hill House? If so, will we see Hugh Crain again after he sacrificed himself for his children?

For those who don't quite know how Hugh met his end, Henry was able to confirm that too, telling LADbible: "It was sort of inferred throughout the show he was taking heart medication and it was kind of inferred he popped all of his pills."

But when asked if his death was caused by a supernatural influence, he referred to his co-star Timothy Hutton, who plays an older iteration of Hugh, saying: "I think the house convinced him to do it, but - and this is more of a Timothy Hutton question than 'my Hugh' question - there is the thinking that he did it himself to stay there and protect his kids from the house."

Wow - just wow. Again, it seems like we may not have seen the last of Hugh if he did kill himself to stay in the house - especially if the theory is right that the Crain children are still stuck in the dreaded red room.

Although there has been no official confirmation about the future of the Crain children or what will happen in the second season, fellow star Carla Guginoa (who plays Olivia Crain) hinted at the fact that not only is show creator Mike Flanagan interested in a further outing, but he might even re-use the same actors in an American Horror Story style anthology series.

She told the Hollywood Reporter, she said: "Mike Flanagan said he would be interested in the notion of an anthology, where some actors come back to play different characters.

"I think he feels like he has told the complete story of the Crain family. But if I was invited and I was able to, I would really love to, just because I do love to collaborate with him."

Ok, it looks like we're not done with the Crains' life in Hill House just yet.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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