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ITV Is Airing Every Harry Potter Movie Over The Next Eight Weeks

ITV Is Airing Every Harry Potter Movie Over The Next Eight Weeks

Fantastic news for Potter fans

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Now that the weather has gone to shit it's the perfect time to get re-acquainted with your couch and TV.

And, if you fancy a change from watching serial killer documentaries back-to-back on Netflix (it's fine, we all do it), then ITV is screening the entire Harry Potter collection on Saturday evenings over the next eight weeks. It's absolutely fine to clear your early evening plans for the next eight Saturdays, yeah?

The thing kicks off at 5.50pm this evening with Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - obviously - so you can join Harry and his pals on their first day and Hogwarts and follow them right through until the final movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two which will be aired on 27 October, just before Halloween. Perfect, because it's a bit bloody creepy that film.


It's been 17 years since the first movie hit the big screen - doesn't that make you feel as old as Dumbledore? - but they're as good today as they were back then, it doesn't matter how old you get. You're a stronger person than me if you resist the urge to sit down with Harry, Ron and Hermione for a couple of hours.

And, if you feel guilty about spending 21 hours and 52 minutes re-watching a bunch of movies you've already seen, then don't because researchers found that young people who feel that they have an emotional attachment with Harry Potter were less likely to be prejudiced against minority groups.

According to the study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology researchers carried out three studies to test whether extended contact through reading the popular best‐selling books of Harry Potter improves attitudes toward stigmatised groups (immigrants, homosexuals, refugees) and they found that those who identified with The Boy Who Lived were less prejudiced against the groups. Wonderful.

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