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Jeremy Kyle Fans Worry About Security Guard 'Big Steve' But He's Got Another Job

Jeremy Kyle Fans Worry About Security Guard 'Big Steve' But He's Got Another Job

ITV confirmed that The Jeremy Kyle Show has been permanently axed

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Fans of The Jeremy Kyle Show have been fearing for the future of security guard Big Steve since the show was cancelled.

ITV has axed the popular daytime show following the death of guest Steve Dymond, who is reported to have taken his own life following a failed lie detector test on the programme.

After a statement confirmed that production for The Jeremy Kyle Show had ended, fans wondered about the show's security guard.

Well, it turns out that he already works for another ITV show because, according to the Mirror, Big Steve also works as a security guard for Judge Rinder at the same ITV studios - but is never seen on-screen.

Big Steve was a regular on The Jeremy Kyle Show, and was usually the person splitting up awkward situations or potentially vicious bust-ups. He also comforted emotional guests and wrestled others to the floor.

Before the news emerged of Steve's other ITV gig, one fan took to Twitter writing: "It's security Steve I feel sorry for. He'll have to work the nightclub doors in Cardiff now to pay for his mortgage".

Another added: "Please can ITV ensure finding a suitable replacement job role for Big Steve is an urgent priority!!"

Someone else suggested a slightly different pathway for him, saying: "Don't really care about Jeremy Kyle being cancelled, I do however, care about what's gonna happen to Security Steve, I mean the man is a great talent and can't be jobless, he could be a new Chaser imo."

Earlier this year we were given a glimpse at just how iconic Big Steve really is to fans of the programme when 61-year-old gran Viv Bodycote had an tattoo of Jeremy Kyle hugging Steve on her upper back.

The six-inch grey-scale design took six-and-a-half-hours to complete and was pretty painful but 'worth it', according to Viv.

The gran has added to her collection of tats with one of Jeremy Kyle and Steve.

Viv said: "I absolutely love it. At the end of it my neck and back killed. But it was completely worth it.

"I got it because I think it says a lot about friendship. There's no Jeremy without Steve. They have an incredible bond. Steve is there for Jezza and hopefully that shows in this tattoo."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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