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Louis Theroux Reveals New Series Is Coming Out In November

Louis Theroux Reveals New Series Is Coming Out In November

Following a two-year hiatus Louis is heading back to our screens - eeek!

Louis Theroux. The man is an understated genius of pop cultural journalism, and has become a cult hero for lovers of his documentaries. Well, now he's feeding our obsessions further by revealing he has a new series coming out in November.


This truly is our year - the hit documentary-maker told the Sun that he'll be returning to our screens later this year, after filming over in America.

This follows a two-year hiatus after his previous documentary, 2016's My Scientology Movie - I know, right? As if we've gone two years without having a new dose of Louis in our lives.

Speaking at The National Lottery Awards last night, Louis said: "I've got a series coming up, it's coming out in November. I can't say much about it. But it's a three-parter and it's set in America. BBC 2."


Louis initially broke through with his Channel 4 series Weird Weekends in the late 90s, before finding a wider audience with his When Louis Met... specials. Most recently, My Scientology Movie saw him take on the infamous Church of Scientology.

There were three seasons of Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends between 1998-2000, in which he explored the lives and interests of society's fringe cultures, such as UFO fanatics, swingers and Thai Brides.

His When Louis Met... documentaries, filmed between 2000-2002, saw him spending time with a variety of subjects from magician Paul Daniels to PR guru Max Clifford.

In 2001, he spent time with the former BBC presenter Jimmy Saville, who at the time had yet to face public allegations of child abuse. After Saville's death and subsequent Louis later filmed a follow-up to this episode, looking at the aftermath and what he viewed as his own failure to uncover the older man's dark history.

With all of the groundbreaking shows he's made, fans will be eager to find out what Louis has in store for us all later this year.

Quizzed on who his bucket list of interviewees is, Louis revealed: "Trump would be amazing.

"I always used to say R Kelly, because there were allegations over sexual misconduct.

"But I think BBC 3 might have done a documentary about some alleged sexual misdeeds so that horse might have bolted.

"I follow the Weinstein allegations avidly and I think there is something really interesting with that, but I haven't figured out how you would get into it."

If you can't wait until Novembe,r grab your onesie, get some coffee on and switch on BBC iPlayer - 70 Louis Theroux documentaries have been uploaded and are just begging us all to spend our days off indulging in a spot of bingewatching.

Featured Image Credit: PA/BBC

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