​Netflix Is Now Reportedly Bigger Than Warner Bros, Fox And Sony

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​Netflix Is Now Reportedly Bigger Than Warner Bros, Fox And Sony

There's no denying that Netflix is one of the biggest recent phenomenons in entertainment, with the world and its dog logging on daily to catch up with the latest series and films - from trusty old favourites through to fresh, brand new originals.

Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix is so popular these days that it now overshadows five other major players in the industry - that's Time Warner, 21st Century Fox, Sony, CBS and Viacom.


Pushing towards the front of the line, Netflix's market cap has reportedly soared to $146 billion ($102 billion). To put that into context, Time Warner's stands at a not-so-shabby $76bn (£53bn), while 21st Century Fox's is at $70bn (£49bn), Sony's at $64bn (£45), CBS's at $20bn ($14bn) and Viacom's at $13bn ($9bn).

Mind you, it is worth bearing in mind that market capitalisation doesn't necessarily reflect how much the company is actually worth.

According to Investopedia, market capitalisation is actually just a fancy name for a pretty straightforward concept: 'the market value of a company's outstanding shares'.

Either way, it's still a good indicator of just how well Netflix is doing for itself.


Sure, it's not quite in Disney and Comcast territories - but given that Netflix is only $8 billion (ah, only $8 billion) away from catching up with them, the online streaming site is clearly up there with the big dogs.

Plus Forbes recently suggested that it's only a matter of time before Netflix overtakes Disney anyway, and that its popularity stems from various different reasons.

Forbes writer Blake Morgan explained: "Netflix delivers not only with some of the biggest series from broadcast TV, but also huge offerings of original content that engage viewers and showcase amazing creativity.


Morgan added: "Netflix doesn't just have business savvy, but the storytelling is unmatched.

"Early on Netflix had a willingness to push the boundaries - to paint portraits of characters we can't usually find in mainstream content. 


Morgan continued: "Although there are companies that are larger than Netflix and have more resources, small groups of people with ingenuity have always been able to grow quickly - just look at PayPal, Uber, or Airbnb.

"It doesn't matter who is older or who has more capital - anything can happen. 

Netflix is here to stay."


Well, that's good news. Now, let's all get back to our binging.

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