Original Cast Sign Up For ‘Zombieland 2’ For 2019 Release

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Original Cast Sign Up For ‘Zombieland 2’ For 2019 Release

Zombieland was a refreshing take on the zombie genre because it involved a deadly amount of comedy to balance out the gruesomeness of the walking dead.


It seems as though it was such a hit that the original cast members, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin have all signed up to create a sequel.

Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick became household Hollywood names after the first Zombieland was released, going on to write G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Deadpool.


Wernick has told Vulture: "We're going on the tenth anniversary of Zombieland. Zombieland came out October of 2009. We don't know what you get someone for their tenth anniversary, but it may be a Zombieland 2.

"The hope is that we're shooting that thing early 2019 for an October of '19 release."


Known in the first film as Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock (based off where they're from) the four actors come together in odd circumstances after 'mad zombie disease' overran the entire of America.

The ending certainly left the door open for a sequel as the last we saw of the group, they had finished playing at Pacific Playland amusement park in Los Angeles following an absolute slaughtering of some zombies.

The zombies were definitely still around, with more people being infected by the minute - so why wouldn't you make a second chapter?

While Tallahassee might not have aged that much in the last 10 years, Little Rock definitely has so it will be interesting to see how far in the future we find them in the sequel.


They've actually had their eyes set on doing a sequel for ages.

Credit: Sony Pictures
Credit: Sony Pictures

According to Wernick, Harrelson came up to the duo after filming and said: "I've never wanted to do a sequel in the previous movies I've done until this one."

In 2011, Eisenberg, who played Columbus, doubted whether a second instalment would still be 'relevant', a feeling that Harrelson also shared. However, it's clear that those hesitations have been blown away and they're all on board.


The writers were dead keen on turning the movie's plot into a TV show and Amazon commissioned a pilot episode in 2013. Tyler Ross played Columbus, Kirk Ward played Tallahassee, Maiara Walsh played Wichita and Izabela Vidovic played Little Rock.

Sadly, the streaming network decided against continuing with the series for a full season.

Maybe this sequel might get that TV idea across the line.

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