Maltesers Chocolate Orange Bunnies Will Be Available For Next Easter
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Aldi Will Be Selling Triple Pigs In Blankets This Christmas

Aldi Will Be Selling Triple Pigs In Blankets This Christmas

We've had pigs in duvets from Tesco, a massive pig in a blanket from Asda, Iceland jumped in on the action with pigs in blankets on sticks - and now, with competition at its peak, Aldi has bounced back with triple pigs in blankets.

Everyone knows the ultimate Christmas party food is the ingenious sausage wrapped in bacon, which we love unconditionally.

And just when you thought there was no way of improving your favourite bite-sized sausage, Aldi brought this three way miracle to our attention.

Credit: Aldi
Credit: Aldi

Some people have their reservations though and you might not have even thought about it.

What is there to be reserved about? Well, one person took to social media saying: "I don't know how I feel about this.... Will the different sausage to bacon ratio be as good?"

Another added: "No, its wrong. The sausage to bacon ratio is off. Stop. Stop it now." A third suggested: "Better triple wrapped in bacon instead".

These people have a point - I mean, has anyone shared a bed with two other people and realised that the duvet is a little scant? No me either...


Others are totally on board though because, well, pigs in blankets...

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Greggs Has Added Tubs Of Pigs In Blankets To Its Christmas Menu

One said: "Definitely going to be eating just a whole plate of these some point over the holiday season." There's always one, isn't there?

As well as the triple pigs in blankets, the budget supermarket is selling foot-long pigs in blankets and you can enjoy them a bit earlier.


Sainsbury's Is Selling Pigs In Blankets Flavour Mayonnaise

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The pack of two sausages will be available from 6 December, and for only £2.99 we might as well buy them in bulk.

Apparently, they are 'perfect for sharing' but we don't think you'll want to give someone even an mouthful of it.

Taking to social media (shock) one wrote: "Wooooooohoooooooo!!! I'm gonna get me one of those!!!"


Another said: "I'll just have a plate full of these." With a third tagging a mate: "You like a big sausage - here you go!"

Ooh er...

Maybe getting excited for Christmas is a little premature in November, however, X Factor is in full swing and with Halloween and Bonfire Night out of the way, what else is there to look forward to?

Plus, it's not really the festive season we're hyping up - it's the food that comes with it so don't hate.

Featured Image Credit: Aldi

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