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Is 'Fortnite' Appropriating Black Culture?

Is 'Fortnite' Appropriating Black Culture?

Chance the Rapper has spoken out about Fortnite's use of real-life dance moves which are often created by black creatives and are now being used by Epic without credit or compensation.

Chance argues that as the moves, which are called emotes in the game, make "so much money" for Fortnite that it's only fair to compensate the artists behind the dances - and include their music in the game. He's not wrong - Fortnite made 300 Million in May alone.


He argued his case in a series of Tweets late last week.


The dance behind 2 Milly's viral hit, Milly Rock, is featured in the game as an emote but it is under an entirely different name. In the game, the Milly Rock is known as Swipe It.

The Milly Rock dance sparked internet memes and the dance became more popular than the track that originally inspired it.

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2 Milly spoke to Kotaku about his take on the issue and said: "I do feel like Chance was very correct in what he said and that if you would have incorporated the song along with the dance title 'MillyRock' in Fortnite instead of not using the record and changing the name to the 'swipe it' stealing away from my artwork then I'd might be okay with it if we worked out some type of agreement.

"I do take it as a very big deal. I just wish [Epic] would have reached out with a payout and a contract being that I am solely the creator of the Dance And Song MillyRock...I don't feel it's appropriate that my art (dance) which is a big part of culture is basically stolen." [sic]

2 Milly added that he's been working with his attorneys who will be reaching out to Epic about the issue. "I just feel like the appropriate thing to do is compensate me with a fair amount for my addition to the game."

Blocboy JB's 'Shoot' was renamed the 'Hype' emote for its use in the game. JB didn't seem that concerned about the dance being featured though. When the emote made its debut, he tweeted:

Previously, Drake had promised he would rap about the smash-hit game - if Fortnite included a Hotline Bling emote.

He made his promise in a $5,000 Fortnite battle with celebrity gamer Ninja last year. So far, neither the Hotline Bling emote nor the lyrics about Fortnite have surfaced. So, it seems the biggest rapper in the world doesn't have a problem with not receiving compensation.

Epic was reached for comment by Kotaku but said it had no statement at this time.

Words by Will Stevenson

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