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Australian 'Carfluencer' Is Making An Estimated $2 Million A Year Reviewing Luxury Vehicles

Australian 'Carfluencer' Is Making An Estimated $2 Million A Year Reviewing Luxury Vehicles

Alex Hirschi, 33, test drives and reviews some of the best cars in the world... she gets paid pretty good as well

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

An Australian woman quit her job as a radio host to review luxury supercars from her Instagram profile and has become the most successful 'carfluencer' in the world, earning an estimated AUD$2 million (£1.11m/USD$1.4m) a year.

Alex Hirschi moved to Dubai in 2008 to work on a car radio show up until 2013 and it paid off because now she runs her social media career from her Instagram page - Supercar Blondie.

Alex, 33, reviews the world's most expensive supercars and relays her findings to her 6.3 million followers, giving her the ability to ask for AUD$45,175 (£25,150/USD$31,600) per post, according to the MailOnline.

Price comparison site, GoCompare, have put her annual income somewhere in the region of AUD$2,016,430 (£1,123,259/USD$1,211,954).

When she moved to Dubai with her husband, Alex started to slowly build up her network via her radio job before she felt ready to jump into the driver's seat.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia in 2017, Alex said: "I always wanted to at least visit had the world's biggest everything and clearly had a vision to stand out.

"After establishing a relationship with Bentley through the show, I was lucky enough to be given a Flying Spur [worth roughly $390,000 AUD] for a weekend.

"I felt like I was living my dream, so I started working on how I could be given more cars on a regular basis. Once the following started to grow, I moved from my personal account to create Supercar Blondie and uploaded pics exclusively around cars.

"Then it came to a point where I could do this full time. It was a big decision for me, jumping from traditional media to social media, but I knew it was the right move."

You can follow her on Instagram here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@supercarblondie

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