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Yeah, Those Avril Lavigne 'Death' Conspiracies Are Back And As Bizarre As Ever

Yeah, Those Avril Lavigne 'Death' Conspiracies Are Back And As Bizarre As Ever

Grab your tin-foil hats, everyone, and come join me on an adventure into the bizarre theory of Avril Lavigne's death, its cover up and her body-double taking over.

Yeah, as conspiracies go, this is a good one.

The theory is that Avril 'He Was A Skater Boy' Lavigne died way back in 2003 and the Avril we have seen and (somewhat unfortunately) heard since then is in fact her body-double and paparazzi decoy, Melissa Vandella.


Avril or Melissa? Credit: PA

Subscribers to this theory think it explains why Avril's music and look changed. Not because she grew up and the 'scene' changed. No, it was definitely the death-cover-up thing.

This weird conspiracy has been doing the rounds for a while, but it's all over social media once again, thanks to a Twitter thread posted by user 'givenchyass'.

The entire thread is pretty long, so I'll spare you the whole thing and give you the edited highlights.


Givenchyass's theory, which she is quick to point out is just a theory, claims the Canadian pop star didn't cope very well with fame, so she hired a lookalike to pose for paparazzi etc. That lookalike was Melissa.

This photo is from 2012, so it must be Melissa... Credit: PA

The two became friends and, one night in the studio, Avril thought it would be a laugh to teach Melissa how to sing like her. Is that a thing? Can you teach someone to sing like someone else? I'm not sure about that, but let's not start picking holes in this.


Fast-forward to 2003 and, the theory goes, Avril took her own life after the death of her grandfather.

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Rather than let the star's family grieve in peace, her record label decided to use the lookalike to continue with the pop-success Avril had experienced. And so Melissa became Avril full-time. Not sure what she did with her old life...the theory is patchy at best.

Also, I know record industry people are supposed to be ruthless, but I don't think even Simon Cowell would stoop to getting a lookalike to replace a dead singer.


Anyway, back to Avril Melissa. The record label would go on to release the second album, which Avril recorded before her death. But everything since then? That's Melissa.

So, what proof do we have that 'Avril' is actually Melissa? I'm glad you asked. We have these photos:


The fact she never wore dresses on the red carpet but now she does:

And something about birthmarks, which I don't really understand:

Wake up, sheeple.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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