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This Irish Sex Education Video From The 80s Is Hilarious

This Irish Sex Education Video From The 80s Is Hilarious

The clip is doing the rounds on social media and it is incredible

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

For most of us, sex education was pretty poor. It generally involved a dusty science teacher wheeling out a dusty television set and showing a class of horny teenagers semi-graphic images of stick figures thrusting against each other.

It certainly wasn't anything like the level of depth or breadth teens in Ireland were receiving in the 1980s, who had resident sexpert, Angela MacNamara, to teach them the ins and outs of sexual intercourse, 'or, as some people call it, having sex'.

Now, though she may look like a funky aunt in her pink floral number, Angela makes it clear that sexing is only for a married man and woman. So, if you're thinking about doing the dirty deed, you better put a ring on that finger.

A clip of her explaining just how a man and woman express their love for each other is doing the rounds on social media and it is incredible.

Angela explains: "Love making just means making each other feel loved. How do you make a person feel loved? Well, you give them kisses and hug and you hold them close.

The clip is doing the rounds on social media and it's hilarious.
Angela McNamara

"But between and a woman it's a bit different because when they hold each other really close and give a long kiss and a warm hug, they tell each other that they're beautiful and everything like that.

"And they also have a bit of a laugh because they are the best of friends. And then something happens in a very short time. Because they're so close, the man feels his penis becoming erect, that's straight, hard and the sperm coming down into it - like it did when he had a wet dream."

Then she gets to the point.

Looking straight down the barrel of the camera, Angela says: "Now, while the sperm is coming into the man's penis the woman's body is getting ready to receive the sperm.

"It's amazing you know, how God made it because while they're making love and being happy together the woman feels her vagina becoming kind of slippery inside so the penis and slip in and out, no trouble. So, he slips his penis into her vagina, gives her the sperm, then she has the sperm.

Thanks for watching.
Angela McNamara

"Then the penis slips out and that's all and that's called sexual intercourse - some people call it having sex."

And if you're scared accidentally pissing inside your partner, fear not, Angela has you covered.

She explains: "That can't happen because there's a valve which closes to stop the urine coming when sexual intercourse is taking place."

After all that information, there will still be many inexperienced teens who maybe feel a bit nervous about it all.

But yet again, Angela is here to put their mind at ease.

Concluding her seminar, she says: "Now, possibly you're saying to yourself, 'I'll never do that, it's awful' because you know, when you hear about it first it sounds very strange, but God has made it really lovely - an exciting and pleasant feeling."

The video then ends with a strangely unsettling jazz number playing over a faded background, while Angela can be seen sliding her left index finger in and out of a hole made by her right index finger and thumb.

Just in case you didn't get the message earlier.

Featured Image Credit: Angela McNamara/PA

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