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Harry Maguire Called Out For 'Lying' In Park Run Tweet

Harry Maguire Called Out For 'Lying' In Park Run Tweet

Yesterday (19 April), Manchester United's Harry Maguire posted to Twitter about a 'park run' that he had completed. Nothing unusual about that, you might think - perfectly reasonable behaviour in the age of Strava.

However, the England footballer ended up being called out left, right and centre after people pointed out that, judging by the picture he'd posted, his 4.78 kilometres of exercise wasn't actually completed yesterday, but two weeks ago on 6 April.


To be fair, when he posted the route - which took him an impressive 17 minutes and 46 seconds -he didn't actually tell people that it was completed yesterday.

But still, Twitter did what Twitter usually does in these situations (well, any situation) and the former Leicester City player was quickly ridiculed, with some people even accusing him of 'lying'.

One person wrote: "Great run from 6 April," while another added: "I am so so so confused why you have lied. It's only a run & not even important so why tweet something that happened 2wks ago."

They continued: "It's strange as hell & totally baffled. Worse than celebrating MOTM award in 1-1 draw or your mid table mentality like Ole has instilled in everyone." OK, someone's a little touchy...


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Maybe he just posted the wrong picture by accident?

But he's not the first footballer to be called out for their exercise-related bragging in recent times.

Chelsea's Ross Barkley posted that he'd completed the 5k challenge in 16 minutes and 11 seconds - slightly more than three minutes short of the world-record time of 12:37:55, set by Kenenisa Bekele. Hmmm....

According to his claim, the former Everton man averaged three minutes per kilometre and Joey Barton, now manager of Fleetwood Town, was having none of it.

Barton also called out his former Manchester City teammate Trevor Sinclair for 'faking' his 10k run, dubbing the pair 'Strava w**kers'.

One bloke who genuinely did complete a real run, in a real time (we know because it was all filmed) was former athlete James Campbell.

The 32-year-old actually took on a marathon in his six metre (19 foot) back garden after he tweeted to tell people that if he got at least 10,000 retweets he would attempt the impressive feat.

In the process James managed to raise nearly £30,000 - tripling his initial goal of £10,000. To donate: go to

Let's all bring some positivity, support and fun to anyone who might find themselves in isolation as a result of the coronavirus spread. Need some entertainment? Join Isolation Nation:

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