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This Slapping Contest In Russia Looks Absolutely Outrageous

Stewart Perrie

| Last updated 

This Slapping Contest In Russia Looks Absolutely Outrageous

If you've ever endured a slap to the face, you'll know that it bloody well hurts.

So it's beggar's belief why someone would willingly sign themselves up to be absolutely whacked in the face. Sure, people do that all the time with professional boxing and MMA but at least they have a chance to defend themselves.

The slap contest in Russia, which was a part of the wider Siberian Power Show, sees two blokes face off against each other, trading blows until one person either taps out or gets knocked out.



Sounds like a decent way to lose a few brain cells don't you think?

The video shows a big burly guy in a blue jumper smack the bajesus out of his much slimmer opponent. Safe to say, the slap knocks the guy clean who just falls backwards.

Outrageously, he manages to come to, steady himself and gear up for round two. Good lord dude, just throw in the towel.

He genuinely seemed shocked that he wasn't able to continue competing.


This same burly guy then goes up against an even smaller guy, whose slaps look like tiny love pats on the bigger guy. This bloke doesn't even seem phased by the smaller bloke's slaps.

A woman in the crowd looks on in absolute surprise and disgust. Aren't we all.

We're thinking the same thing. Credit: Ruptly
We're thinking the same thing. Credit: Ruptly

It genuinely looks like the most outrageous 'sport' to take part in, especially considering the winner only walks away with about 30,000 rubles (£350).


The Siberian Power show also includes bodybuilding, powerlifting, dance offs, and...a dumpling eating contest. This expo sounds wild and I think we all need to attend next year.

Who wouldn't want to chow down on some dumplings while we watch a bunch of blokes square off against each other.

If you think this is just confined to cold places in Russia, you'd be wrong.


There was a similar contest that's held in Texas, adequately named the Ink Masters Slap-Off Contest. Videos of the contests are viewed millions of times, which isn't a surprise to be fair - it's enthralling to watch even though it's brutal.

The 2016 competition saw an 'athlete' (is that what we're calling them?) get knocked out in the first slap in the first round. As if you'd want to step up to the plate if that was the precedence being set for the day.

You can imagine someone who was excel at a 'sport' like this.

Featured Image Credit: Ruptly

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Stewart Perrie
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