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Triple H Ripped Out Dave Batista’s Nose Ring At WrestleMania 35 With A Pair Of Pliers

Triple H Ripped Out Dave Batista’s Nose Ring At WrestleMania 35 With A Pair Of Pliers

It left the former wrestler turned actor reeling on the floor.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

WrestleMania usually brings with it tons of shock moments that divides fans across the planet and tonight's WrestleMania 35 was no exception.

One of those moments will certainly be when Dave Batista faced off against Triple H. But it wasn't a sledgehammer move that set social media on fire (although there was one of those), it was when H pulled out Dave's nose ring with a pair of pliers.


Triple H was putting his in-ring career on the line by facing off against the former wrestler turned actor.

As we all know, Dave has left WWE behind to make it big in Hollywood - but he's decided to come back for WrestleMania 35 to challenge H for a shot at the title.

But he might well be reconsidering that after H popped a chair over his opponent, who was still reeling from crushing move, and held him in place. H pulled out a pair of pliers (who knows where they were being kept) and then he just ripped it out of his nose.

HHH then presented the bloody ring for the world to see.


"He is a sick son of a gun," WWE Network commentator Tom Phillips said.

"That is one of the sickest things I've seen and then he held it around like a trophy."

Yeah look, you're not wrong there.

The match certainly didn't start well for Dave, who hopped out of a massive car, with his theme song booming across Met Life Stadium. As he approached the ring, he tripped on the ropes, leading many people to slag him off on Twitter.

Sadly for Dave, the pain wasn't over after that.

There were steel stairs, a tool box, a chain and a sledgehammer that were used during their brutal No Holds Barred match.

Dave's ultimate undoing happened when Ric Flair gave H a sledgehammer to knock out the Hollywood actor. It would have been a massive upset had Dave defeated his former teammate and former rival, considering he's developed a career outside of wrestling.

Save to say: it was one hell of a No Holds Barred match.

Featured Image Credit: WWE Network

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