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David Tennant Pretended To Be His PA To Get Out Of Going To Events

David Tennant Pretended To Be His PA To Get Out Of Going To Events

The Doctor Who star made the revelation amid his 50th birthday.



David Tennant has admitted he faked a personal assistant so he didn't have to go to events and honestly we can totally relate.

Channeling the introvert in all of us, the Doctor Who actor created the fictional assistant to answer some emails in the earlier stages of his stardom.

Some have accused Tennant of 'doing a Donald Trump' as the former US president did the same thing.


Only there's a major difference - Trump pretended to be his own spokesman to big himself up, whereas Tennant's reason was far more understandable.

The Scottish born actor, who turned 50 today (18 April), told the Daily Record that he made up the PA when 'people started to care that I was in the business'.

He said: "For several years I needed a PA but I didn't have a PA. I created a PA and gave her this preposterous name of Mellissa von Stressel."

Tennant revealed Stressel - who only ever existed in the digital world - was there as a 'buffer to have awkward conversations I didn't want to have'.

"Melissa von Stressel took some of the stress. The clue was in the name," he added.

"People would come to ask would I do an inspirational talk. Would I come to open at a fete. I found it very difficult to say no to anyone.

"It was a way of communicating with people who wanted me to do things I didn't want to do, going to do's, giving speeches.

"I have a terribly privileged life, so there's a feeling that you should spend every waking minute opening fetes, writing forwards to books or giving ten-minute inspirational talks.

" I didn't know where to begin. I just pretend to be people on the television."

And honestly, can anyone blame him? Sure it's good to give back, but most of us have trouble maintaining our own social schedules - we can only imagine what it must be like as an actor.

Elaborating on the story, he said: "It wasn't more than an email address and Melissa would politely but very firmly say my schedule was jam packed.

"It worked as an instant rebuff. 'Unfortunately, Mr Tennant is unavailable'. I didn't have to get involved.

"If they tried to get into a dialogue with Melissa then I'm paranoid I'm going to get found out. I wasn't very good as Melissa.


"When an email chain got 3 or 4 emails long, I started to panic. Someone was so persistent, and in the end, I gave in and did this thing.

"Then I had to have conversations with this person about how lovely Melissa was. That was the beginning of the end for Melissa.

"She would get more and more nippy, more and more stringent and eventually if they didn't give up I'd turn up and visit their fete."

Again - so relatable.

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