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Film Fans Call For 28 Years Later Sequel

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Film Fans Call For 28 Years Later Sequel

Fans of the cult zombie movie 28 Days Later and the subsequent 28 Weeks Later are now calling for a third film.

While zombie flicks are not hard to come by, not many have had quite the same impact as Danny Boyle's now iconic horror-thriller, which breathed new life into the undead.

The film, which landed in cinemas in 2002 (feel old yet?), starred Peaky Blinders lead Cillian Murphy as Jim, a courier who awakes 28 days after a zombie outbreak has destroyed civilisation as we know it.

Credit: Fox Searchlight
Credit: Fox Searchlight

It was followed five years later by the sequel 28 Weeks Later, starring Robert Carlyle.

And now it looks like fans are itching for another instalment, as shown in a new Reddit thread asking the online community what sequel they most want to see.

"28 months/years later," wrote one user, with another pointing out: "It'd be great if they make 28 years later in 2030," as this actually would be 28 years since the first movie.

Going into more detail, a third user said: "28 years after a zombie outbreak is an interesting setting. It's rare that we see very far into the future in that sort of scenario.

"It'd be interesting because the only people alive would be either ridiculously prepared and good at fighting or would have grown up in the apocalypse."

Funnily enough, back in 2019, the Oscar-winning director did express interest in making this happen.

Credit: Fox Searchlight
Credit: Fox Searchlight

Talking about the possibility of him returning for another crack of the whip, Boyle told the Independent that he would be teaming up once again with the screenwriter Alex Garland - who wrote the first film.

"Alex Garland and I have a wonderful idea for the third part," he said. "It's properly good."

He continued: "The original film led to a bit of a resurgence in the zombie drama and it doesn't reference any of that. It doesn't feel stale at all.

"He's concentrating on directing his own work at the moment, so it's stood in abeyance really, but it's a you-never-know."

Unfortunately, there haven't been any updates since, so we can only hope that something does come of their plans in the future.

This isn't the only film people want to see a follow-up for - the top-ranked answer on the thread calls for a Dredd sequel.

Credit: Lionsgate
Credit: Lionsgate

The 2012 adaptation, which funnily enough is also written by Garland, is based on the Judge Dredd comics series.

Set in a dystopian future, the film iteration saw Karl Urban star as the eponymous Dredd, a coldblooded policeman who investigates a series of crimes along with psychic rookie Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby).

Speaking about the potential for a sequel, one user wrote: "There's supposedly a TV show coming, but it's been 10 years since the movie and Karl Urban is probably going to be tied up doing The Boys for a few more years."

Another pointed out that the series reportedly won't focus on Dredd, to which a third replied: "Which is sad. What I really wanted to see was more of Dredd and Anderson (Urban and Thirlby). Really loved their dynamic."

Jason Kingsley, the CEO of the company that publishes the Judge Dredd comics, has indeed said a TV series called Judge Dredd: Mega-City One has been written - but it was put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A chaser to the 2005 horror-fantasy Constantine was also discussed, with one fan writing: "In a time where everything is a universe Constantine is perfect.

"I know it's based on a comic book and from what I understand they made some pretty significant changes for the movie but no matter to me. I would really love for them to expand on it.

"That said it had a really good cast and aside from Keanu himself I doubt they'd get them all together again and any less would not do a sequel justice."

As opposed to some of the others on this list, the fans might be in luck - last year, Peter Stormare, who starred in the movie alongside Keanu Reeves, said a follow-up is in the works.

Taking to Instagram, Stormare, who played Lucifer in the film, posted an image of himself in his role, writing simply: "Sequel in the works."

Director Francis Lawrence told /Film earlier that year that he had spoken to Reeves and producer Akiva Goldsman about doing a sequel, however it's difficult as at the time they didn't hold the rights to the Constantine character.

Guess it's another one where we'll have to wait and see what happens.

Words: Daisy Phillipson

Featured Image Credit: Fox Searchlight

Topics: Entertainment, TV and Film, Zombies, Sequel

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