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James Corden And Cinderella Cast Ripped For Los Angeles Flash Mob Stunt

James Corden And Cinderella Cast Ripped For Los Angeles Flash Mob Stunt

James Corden and co-stars Billy Porter, Idina Menzel, and Camilla Cabello held up traffic in Los Angeles to promote the new Cinderella film

James Corden and a number of other celebrities have been roasted online for attempting to promote their new film by staging a bizarre flash mob to stop traffic in Los Angeles.

Corden, alongside stars of the forthcoming Cinderella musical film such as Camilla Cabello, Billy Porter, and Idina Menzel, decided to make a public nuisance of themselves by dancing in clearly shop-bought costumes to Jennifer Lopez's 'Let's Get Loud'.

The results - it's fair to say - are utterly cringe-inducing.

The short video - in which the driver of a cars sums it up with an exasperated 'oh, wow! - even features Corden humping the air next to the poor person's window.

To quote an old meme, ain't nobody got time for that.

Anyway, Los Angeles is widely known for having terrible traffic at the best of times, but usually the problem isn't having a variety of celebrities clogging up the roads.

It seems as if at least one of the people that they encountered on the roads enjoyed the stunt, however.


If they wanted to use this stunt as a piece of viral marketing for their forthcoming film, they've done a decent job of it, but only against the old maxim that any publicity is good publicity.

Most of the coverage has been less than complementary, with some even remarking on a tough decision that would face them if James Corden was stood directly in front of their car.

Of course, we would never advocate for that, but it illustrates the strength of feeling that some have against this sort of thing.

One person wrote: "You know how in LA you're not supposed to bother celebrities while they're going about their day? The opposite should also apply."

Another said: "Yeah sorry I'm late boss, James Corden jumped in front of my car and started humping the air in a rat suit for five minutes, it was a whole thing."

In a similar vein, someone else said: "So we just stop traffic to promote movies now?

"Yeah sorry I'm late. the lady from Wicked and a bunch of jobbers were holding up traffic to raise awareness for the new big Disney [it's not Disney, it's made by Amazon] movie."

Hey, at least they're talking about it. On that level, this piece of publicity has been a massive success.

At what cost, though?

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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